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Thursday, July 24, 2003

I spent the early morning hours playing with this kickass space sim (thank you thank you super fast computer). Then I realized the time - and had to get ready for work. Isn't that the most depressing part of the day? Without a doubt.

Driving into work in the mornings is always a clusterfuck of strange sights and annoying occurrences. Today was no different.

The first asshat to get my requisite eye roll was the person I came up behind with the license plate that read ALL DATT. You know, in my not-so-humble opinion, if you've got to advertise that you are from your license plate, you're probably not. However, that annoyance did at least bring me to this interesting site that lets you design your own personalized license plate graphics. Cool - that'll take up at least 10 minutes of the work day.

I later got behind Old-Man-Who-Couldn't-Fucking-Drive. OMWCFD would suddenly jerk his car to the left or right then jerk it back to the center of his lane periodically. It might've been amusing to watch had I not been behind him and had he not been going 30-fucking-mph. Now I ask you, how do you lose control of your car at that speed?

Despite the if-I-say-it-it'll-be-true vanity plate and OMWCFD puttering all over the road in his brand new Corolla, I did make it to work (oh joy of joys). And here I sit - pondering over my lost purse.

How does a crippled little half-elf like myself lose something that is always either in her backpack or on her own back? It's a baffling question I wish I could answer myself. I carry around a (very heavy) backpack because I'm on crutches and can't hold things. My purse (which is also a small type of backpack-purse) usually sits inside of my big (very heavy) backpack. Now, I'm broke as a toothless, homeless bag lady this week, so I haven't gone anywhere to lose the damn thing - which is the other stumper. Yet, it is missing all the same. I'm not freaking (yet), but I must say - I am the epitome of the absent-minded professor. Two days ago was two-too-long; my memory stops short of a few hours ago. I'm constantly forgetting, misplacing, and missing any and every thing. But I have never lost my purse. Ever. Of all the places I've been and all the crazy shit I used to do, I never lost my handbag. Now I do absolutely nothing but go to work and come home and it's gone. One of life's little mysteries, I suppose.

Enough griping for now - I'm off to read other bloggers, work on my website, and any other asinine thing I can find to do to make this day go by quicker...

- shanna bared her soul & griped a bit @ 7:17 AM

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