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Wednesday, July 23, 2003


A Big 'Fuck Off' to Internet Pervs

Let’s have a talk about the Internet. More to the point, instant messaging, and even more specifically about fucking, pathetic wastes of human flesh who have no goddamn life. Oh yeah, I’m about to go off.

What kind of a fucking loser must you be that you have to get online and beg women to send you photos of their tits or meet you for sex?? If you’re female, I know you can relate. All it takes is an instant messaging program and the indication that you’re “online now”. The barrage of dumb, ignorant and downright fucking rude messages you’re going to receive is amazing.

Just a few examples, from my nightly online run-ins with these asshats:

Aggravating scenario #1
dumb_fuck_on_the_other_side_of_the_computer: hi
me: hi
dumb_fuck_on_the_other_side_of_the_computer: how r u tonite?
me: ok
dumb_fuck_on_the_other_side_of_the_computer: you look like you have great boobs
me: ok
dumb_fuck_on_the_other_side_of_the_computer: can I see them?
me: what?
dumb_fuck_on_the_other_side_of_the_computer: please send me a picture of your boobs
me: um, no
dumb_fuck_on_the_other_side_of_the_computer: oh, please – maybe later?

Aggravating scenario #2
dumb_fuck_on_the_other_side_of_the_computer: what r u doing?
me: nothing
dumb_fuck_on_the_other_side_of_the_computer: you like sex?
me: doesn’t everyone?
dumb_fuck_on_the_other_side_of_the_computer: wanna meet me for sex?
me: no I don’t
dumb_fuck_on_the_other_side_of_the_computer: why not? it’s exciting
me: No, it’s stupid. You could be a homicidal maniac.
dumb_fuck_on_the_other_side_of_the_computer: I’m not
me: Like you’d tell me if you were
dumb_fuck_on_the_other_side_of_the_computer: I would

Aggravating scenario #3
dumb_fuck_on_the_other_side_of_the_computer: U ARE HOT…WHATS UP?
me: nothing
dumb_fuck_on_the_other_side_of_the_computer: YOU LIVE IN BR TOO?
me: yep
dumb_fuck_on_the_other_side_of_the_computer: SO WHAT YOU WANNA TALK ABOUT TO-NITE?
me: I don’t know – you IM’ed me – what do you want to talk about?
dumb_fuck_on_the_other_side_of_the_computer: YOU LIKE SEX?
dumb_fuck_on_the_other_side_of_the_computer: HELLO??? YOU STILL THERE???
me: on the phone, hang on a minute
dumb_fuck_on_the_other_side_of_the_computer: SO YOU LIKE SEX?
dumb_fuck_on_the_other_side_of_the_computer: U’RE SO HOT
dumb_fuck_on_the_other_side_of_the_computer: HELLO?
dumb_fuck_on_the_other_side_of_the_computer: ARE YOU THERE???! FINE!
me: I said I’m on the phone, hold on a minute, jeez
me: dumbass
dumb_fuck_on_the_other_side_of_the_computer: FUCK YOU BITCH I’LL BEAT YOUR FUCKING ASS

Aggravating Scenario #4
dumb_fuck_on_the_other_side_of_the_computer: you are sooo fine. what would a guy like me have to do to get to meet you for some fun?
me: nothing – not gonna happen
dumb_fuck_on_the_other_side_of_the_computer: it could be fun
me: I doubt it
dumb_fuck_on_the_other_side_of_the_computer: what can I do? I’ll do anything – you won’t regret it
me: Not my bag – sorry
dumb_fuck_on_the_other_side_of_the_computer: would you like to make some extra money?
me: excuse me?
dumb_fuck_on_the_other_side_of_the_computer: I’ll pay you to let me eat your pussy
me: Is it a normal activity for you to get online and ask women to whore themselves out to you?
dumb_fuck_on_the_other_side_of_the_computer: No – I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it like that

Why do you even talk to them, Shanna? - I know that’s what you’re wondering. Because, honestly, I don’t mind talking to people online. That’s why I have an instant messaging program up. I’ve met some really cool people this way, and have even become good friends with a few. But it’s the dumb, horny loser fuckwads that ruin it for everyone. You have your immature, couldn’t-spell-their-way-out-of-a-paper-bag-with-both-ends-cut-out, horndogs who just beg you for sex or nude pics. You have the sorry, loser asshats who are looking for love – in all the wrong places.

And I’d like to add some other things that really piss me off in the world of Ims:

* Anyone that IM’s me with “a/s/l?” automatically gets ignored. Would you walk up to someone in person and do that shit to introduce yourself? Say hi, ask a question, start a fucking conversation, jeez. Anything but a/s/l?!

* BUZZ Don’t ever, ever, ever, ever, ever fucking buzz me. I hate that shit and I will hate you if you do it to me. If I’m there, I’ll say something – if I’m not, I won’t. It’s that simple.

* Do not fucking ask me simple questions that are on my profile. Have you read my profile? No – then why are you bugging me? I’m not going to answer any questions that are already spelled out for you on my profile, so if you haven’t read it, don’t ask.

* If I say I don’t want to meet you, do not try to come up with ways that might change my mind. I will not change my mind and the more you try to make me the less likely I will ever do so.

* Don’t ask me if I have “any more photos”. There is a website listed on my profile – go to it; more likely than not I have a photo page on there.

* Do not slyly try to sneak a sex/cyber encounter by me. I’m not as fucking dumb as you are. Don’t start an innocent sounding conversation and sneak in sexual questions or scenarios. That’s so fucking lame. I love sex and I have no problems talking about it with people online; unless you’re a fucktard that assumes it means I want you. Don’t try and be sneaky – I will ignore you.

* Stop assuming because I’m female and have a website that I am looking for a boyfriend, fuck buddy or sex slave. I’m not and if I were, I wouldn’t be doing so online. I have a fucking life – you should get one, too.

More later as further jerks continue to piss me off…

- shanna bared her soul & griped a bit @ 9:47 AM

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