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Thursday, August 14, 2003

Ok - I know you're all dying to hear how things turned out with Big-Queen-Wannabe-DJ (BQWD). You are, aren't you? Well fuck off, then.

For those that are interested, I'm unhappy to report the saga only continued. The music blared once more at 9pm on Tuesday night as I lay down to sleep. Thankfully, exhaustion and the three beers I'd consumed blocked it all out and I slept through the same 7 songs being cranked out of a crappy system.

But last night, folks, was something straight out of Jerry Springer. Indeed, I need not watch reality TV - it plays right in front of my apartment at odd hours of the night.

First, I should point out that the entire front of my loft apartment consists of windows. Me being the voyeuristic exhibitionist that I am, I have no curtains. Really, it's just too much of a pain to put some up. Anyway, my neighbors across from me don't have any either so we have a fairly clear view of their place, minus the blockage from my crepe myrtle and their elephant ears. Back when they first moved in, there had been two major fights between the men - once the cops were called, another we heard them screaming and throwing stuff around. It was apparent, from overhearing the fights (I wasn't trying to, we were barbqing on the patio) and seeing who is always home, that Responsible Boy is the bread winner - while BQWCD sits on his ass all day watching TV (seriously - all day).

Last night we went to sleep to the sounds of crappy music. We were awakened about midnight to shouts and screams. Apparently, Responsible Boy (RB) had come home - and was pissed. The past few days, I've been watching BQWD do some weird shit - I really swore up and down he was on crack. He was just acting all bizarre, along with the music playing, taping weird shit up on his fence and throwing trash down the walkway. Apparently, I called that one. RB was yelling at BQWD for letting crackheads into the house - "How could you let those people just come in my house?" he yelled "You don't even know them." BQWD was so fucked up he couldn't even form words! He was obviously blasted out of his mind - just kept yelling back "Motherfucker. Bitch. You crazy." That was the extent of his end of the fight.

RB finally went inside, and locked the door. BQWD stood outside yelling those same three things over and over to no one. Then just talking and yelling to ...the door? Who knows? There was no one there. This went on for hours, until around 3am, when RB came back outside and the fighting ensued once more. At one point he yelled at BQWD and called him a "crackhead", to which our brilliant music man replied, "I'm proud of who I am!" You go, girl.

Needless to say, this was another night - the third to be exact - of being awakened every hour to music, and now fighting. I didn't call the cops b/c I felt sorry for RB, though I wished he'd of kept his voice down. I don't think the music shit will continue now that RB is home because I saw him apologizing to a neighbor that was walking by about "everything that's been going on" with "I haven't been here".

Just another exciting night on Blank Street....

- shanna bared her soul & griped a bit @ 12:58 PM

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