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Saturday, August 16, 2003

So lately I've been on this hot wings kick. It started with an innocent trip to Hooters a few weeks ago. I was down, and figured if beer and wings served up with some nice t&a couldn't cheer me up, nothing could. Ever since then, I've been craving them. The wings, not the t&a.

Lucky for me two new chicken wing places have opened up in my neighborhood. Pluckers and Wing Zone. Pluckers has won, hands down, as my favorite - and they deliver; 'til 3 am. It's as exciting as when I found out I could order Papa John's pizza online.

So for lunch I had an order of fresh hot wings, and for supper I'll be eating re-heated hot wings. Not that it matters, or that you care, but I felt like sharing.

My family had a little get together Friday. I don't know how I did it, but was able to miss all the drama. Family get togethers with my bunch are a mixture of fun, beer, craziness and lots of drama. And beer. My grandpa was talking about needing to get a new fridge, and remembering an older fridge that would periodically spit pieces of ice onto the floor. "That's the beer fridge at your Mom's house now," he said. And I was struck with a thought - in that way that thoughts attack your head when it's swimming in liquor - a "beer fridge" is as common an item in the home as a toliet to the average coonass. There is nothing strange about having an extra fridge in your home for beer only...and I realized this is probably not true for the majority of the world. Or is it? I think I'm going to start a poll. "Do you or does anyone you know have a 'beer fridge'?"

Just some random ramblings on Saturday evening.

- shanna bared her soul & griped a bit @ 7:51 PM

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