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Monday, August 18, 2003

Wait - I'd be wrong if I didn't update you on my crackhead of a neighbor - mainly because it's just been so damn funny as well as annoying.

He spent the weekend, it seemed, going through withdrawls. He was upstairs (which means I can see him as clearly as if he were in my room), and was walking around in circles shaking his head back and forth. Then he'd bang his head on the wall for a bit, flick the light switch on and off a few times (this seemed to amuse him as he kept coming back to it), walk into the closet for a few - then into the bathroom. The best part, though, had to be when I glanced up to see him walking out of the bathroom wearing the mask from The Scream. It was truly creepy, especially since he kept it on, turned the lights off and left. Um... Baret was freaking out that he was going to break into our cars and steal our radios for some quick cash to get another fix. (It wouldn't be the first time that's happened to one of our cars in that parking lot). But he returned momentarily, sans mask, and resumed the odd ritual given above.

Sunday he was in a foul mood. He stood and cursed at his empty patio for about ten minutes. When Dumb Bitch let out Yap-Yap-Dog, he started screaming and cursing at the dog (who just barked all the louder). Then he turned his music up even louder, and I was glad I hadn't planned to go to bed early (this was at 9pm). We were awakened last night a few times by the two of them fighting, and Crackhead slamming the front door and gate with all his might (he's been doing this for days now). I know I should call the cops - but he really isn't blasting the music anymore, and I can't very well call them and say "My neighbor is acting really weird - I think he's on crack." If it goes on again tonight (I can't see it not), I will call the landlord tomorrow, as tonight will make it exactly one week (7 days) that it has been going on non-stop. I'd like one night of peaceful, all-night-long sleep.

On a brighter-neighbor-note, a new couple moved in right next door to Crackhead and Responsible Boy. I noticed Saturday they'd put up a huge mirror across from their bed - which is as high as the low wall of the loft upstairs. They don't have curtains, either, so this gave us a completely full view of their bed. Now, I'm a pervert, and my first thought, that I shared with Baret, was, "I hope they fuck a lot." Oh, don't look so shocked - you'd be excited at the prospect of seeing your neighbors go at it, too, if you could. You know you'd watch. So, anyway, not ten mintues later, my Mom stopped by with my sister to pick up my dirty clothes (yes, my Mom still does my laundry - she enjoys it and why would I take that from her?). I pointed out to her that we had new neighbors and they'd put up a big mirror - and as we all looked over there at the same time, there they were going at it. My Mom thought it was hilarious, and I just thought it was cool. We didn't oggle them - I respect their privacy - but I did glance over now and again. I've dubbed them Ron (aka Jeremy) and Jenna (aka Jameson), my own, real-life, neighborhood porn stars. Reality TV isn't this good, folks. All I can figure, with that huge mirror positioned where it is, and the lack of curtains - they must want people to see them. They've got to know everyone can.

And to think, not but a week ago I lived in a quiet, boring little apartment complex!

- shanna bared her soul & griped a bit @ 2:22 PM

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