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Friday, September 05, 2003

Do you know what I do when something I'm working on goes up in a puff of smoke?


When I'm working on a story/essay/thought/gripe and MS Word just decides to have an "Internal Error" and zap me back to my desktop, not even bothering to come back with a backup of my work...I abandon whatever it is I was writing on. If I'm typing an email and suddenly lose it (this has happend), I never re-type it, I never respond; I do nothing.

I've no idea where this apathy in finishing something that is lost comes from. But if it up and disappears, I lose all interest in it.

So it is with great pain that I do the same thing here - because I really needed some advice. Maybe tomorrow I'll feel like rehashing. For now, I've moved on. Tomorrow, tomorrow I'll post about the impending visit with "the ex" and my soon-to-be-new-roomie-and-possible-boyfriend. Ugh. Could we just fast-foward to next weekend?

As for tonight, my Friday evening looks not very promising. Baret, my usual weekend-buddy, is walking in a wedding in Lafayette. (I swear, I don't know what's up with those coonasses, already this year he's walked in two weddings, become a godfather at a baptism, and attended a funeral). I have no money (only because I don't have my ATM card with me), no food and no liquor in the house. No, I take that back - I don't have food I want or my liquor of choice in the house. My friends are having a little get together down the road and I'm feeling too anti-social to I'm not fond of freeloading off their booze. The upcoming visit by the ex has me frazzled...I just want to be at home.

So it's looking like red wine alone and the thousandeth viewing of Practical Magic for me. Oh, shut-up, I love that movie. When I first moved in here, I'd get drunk on red wine and watch it almost every night with my friend, Patrick. (He doesn't like it - he was just hoping the wine buzz would kick in enough to let him get frisky with me).

Anyway, off to come up with some indigenous way to haul a bottle of red wine and a wine glass up the stairs (the VCR is on the TV up here). You get pretty creative living in a loft apartment with crutches, let me tell you. My backpack has replaced my arms for holding things, and I've gotten some very nimble fingers from grasping onto things whilst still holding the sticks. In fact, if you ever want some buff upper arms, walk on crutches for a year. My muscles are so big I like to joke that I look like a linebacker on estrogen. Anyways,, peace, love and wine my friends. Have a great weekend.

- shanna bared her soul & griped a bit @ 5:46 PM

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