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Tuesday, September 16, 2003

Let me just tell you something, folks. It feels amazing outside this morning.

There is nothing, not a thing, that compares to that first good chill in the air. That first real cool snap that makes your bare skin tingle and your soul just vibrate with joy. Well, it does mine. I'm ready for crisp fall days - for the brilliant displays of red, gold and brown. For early, chilly twilights and golden yet brisk days. I'm in love with sweater weather! I want to gaze at the Full Blood Moon on a windy, nippy October night, under a black velvet sky dotted with thousands of twinkling stars. The sky is always clearest in the fall. I want to pull out my favorite pair of jeans and my favorite long sleeve shirts and pullovers...I can't wait to start wearing my warm jackets and various hats and gloves. I want to eat apples, rake up a pile of colorful leaves and fall into them; I'd like to have a leaf fight with my brother and sister again. I cannot wait to hear the crunch of brittle leaves underfoot as you walk along the carpet of the fallen gems.

What is fall to you? Growing up, fall was when my grandmother took us shopping for our "fall wardrobe". New jeans and sweaters. Fall was when the local town fair came - Labor Day weekend. My sister and I were excited for weeks prior; spending our time drawing fair rides with our Crayons and carefully planning which rides we would ride first, second and so forth. Fall was going back to school; fresh new notebooks, pencils and booksacks. It was cool air, crunchy leaves and big fires when my parents went to cleaning the yard.

It was Halloween - to this day, my absolute favorite holiday. I never cared about the candy, but dressing up and enjoying a night dedicated to nothing but creepy, scary, forbidden things was my idea of bliss. The entire town would come to my grandparents...we had haunted houses, but usually my uncle and dad would just dress up in costumes and scary masks and run out scaring the kids. They screamed, they ran and we never actually gave out much candy - but they must've loved it. They came in droves year after year. Still today people tell my Mom, "I remember coming to trick or treat at this house. It was always our favorite place to come to - we always knew there'd be something scary." We still laugh about the kid that dropped his bike in the middle of the road - and left it while he ran the other way. Halloween is very special to my family.

Fall holds so many great memories for me - and that first cool snap in the air brings them all back. So warm and so familiar - so comforting. I love this time of year.

- shanna bared her soul & griped a bit @ 7:05 AM

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