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Friday, September 19, 2003

So yesterday I went to the dentist. I haven't been in years (bad Shanna), so it was rather unpleasant. I go back in three months for another check-up and cleaning.

Now my mouth feels weird - all clean and kinda sore. I'm doing my best to get it back to feeling like normal by consuming large amounts of junk food, liquor and cigarettes. Things will be back to normal soon enough.

It's FRIDAY!! And you know nothing, except the season of autumn, can make me quite as unexplicably excited. And it's payday. Well, slap me silly and call me Susan. Where in the hell does that statement come from?

I'm getting my hair cut this weekend. Hip-hip-hooray! And I plan to invest in a new color (most likely some form of red, as usual lately). You know, getting my hair cut is a simple pleasure that I enjoy oh-so much. I love it; just makes me feel so good.

Wish I had more to report, but life is...well, it's life. It goes on. I'll probably post something later on today, or this weekend. 'Til then, have a *great* one everybody.

- shanna bared her soul & griped a bit @ 7:01 AM

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