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Tuesday, September 16, 2003

There is one thing I will teach my children. Even long before their little fingers are able to stroke the keys and surf the web. This wisdom will carry on from my children to their children, so on and so forth.

Listen carefully, unborne offspring of mine, and heed these words.

Do not, ever, do Drunk Ebay

This is more important than "Don't do Drunk-Ex-Calls" and "Don't do Drunk-Emails". Even sober, Ebay has a powerfully compelling grip on your senses, and your pocketbook.

Last night, Baret and I decided to check out Ebay. "Ooh! See if they have this..." The cursed words - especially when accompanied by two-too-many glasses of white wine. Really, we didn't do as badly as usual. I am the proud owner of the original Playstation game, Tenchu: Stealth Assasins, and am waiting to see if I can come away with MTV Music Generator 2, because it is so cool to mix up your own songs. Aren't I the little DJ? Baret bid on some Eerie comics that he remembered from childhood, and the original Resident Evil Playstation game; which he loves and loaned out to a cousin who never returned it. Bad, bad drunk Ebayers.

Last time I ended up with so many sets of "cool" candle holders, I have no where to hang them!

- shanna bared her soul & griped a bit @ 12:23 PM

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