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Friday, October 17, 2003

Been so damn sullen and blah - forgive me everyone for not visiting and commenting as I usually do. In light of recent events, the onslaught of PMS and the learning that my muscles in my leg has, indeed, atrophied....well, life has just knocked the shit outta of me.

We're looking to move, as living by LSU just isn't safe. Baret's car broken into last year, my car stolen last weekend - numerous other thefts happening to neighbors along with LSU's usual plethora of stalkers, rapists and serial killers roamin' the 'hood.

But I start to realize, as we're looking and calling and making moving plans, that an era of my life is ending. It seems "parts" of my life happen in 2-3 year periods. When I moved into this apartment, it was my first time living alone. I loved my apartment - still do - very much; it's pretty damn cool and I took pains to make it unique and my own. Not a month after moving in here, I met Baret and adopted JoJo and Gia...a few months later Gillian came into our lives. That first year here, before my knee surgery, was the happiest of my life; without a doubt. I had a great job I was moving my way up in, got a car and a new computer, and was supporting myself. I had a great boyfriend and three kitties I loved to pieces.

Then things started to fall apart - as things do. That's just life. And now I'm leaving my first home-alone. Which means I'm leaving behind independence - because whatever place we get will be "ours", not "mine". There's no more Gillian to brighten our home and after two+ years and a break-up, Baret and I are more settled and content than blissfully happy together. Moving out of that apartment ends a time in my life - a time when I first was making it, when the fruits of my struggles were starting to pay off. Times are truly changing.

Even though entering a new era in your life is exciting, and even fun at times - it is bittersweet. It's hard to leave behind a "time" in your existence. But we must always look ahead - and not linger behind mourning what has past. So, here's to new beginnings, to changes and to the ever-flowing cycle of life. Have a splendid weekend everyone.

- shanna bared her soul & griped a bit @ 6:58 AM

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