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Monday, October 27, 2003

Hands down, folks, I have the greatest family in the world. Not only are they super-cool simply because they're so wacky and fun - but when it comes down to it and I need them, they are there for me more than I think I even deserve. Seriously, as my bud Shannan would say, they rawck.

We were moving Friday night - and as of Friday morning, we had not packed a thing. There honestly had been no time, with everything else we had to get done. We got the keys to the place Thursday night, and left them at the old apartment. My Mom and sister, Amber, came over mid-day Friday and started packing. They packed up my entire apartment - even labeling all the boxes - and had brought over half of my existence to the new place by time I got home at 4:45pm. Wow. My brother-in-law hauled over a good bit of the big furniture by himself before we got home as well. My brother, Johnnie, arrived just after we did and my Dad was just an hour behind. We got almost everything moved Friday night.

I woke up early Saturday and started unpacking the kitchen - not an easy feat when you're on crutches. My little brother showed back up and he and Baret got the rest of the old stuff moved over. So, the kitchen is done, the computer room is mostly done, the living room is half-ass done and the bedroom is livable. The guest bedroom came out really cute, too.

It is amazing how much my life has changed in the past two weeks. I'm pretty overwhelmed. We've been so busy I haven't really had time to take it all in yet and I'm afraid once things slow down and it all hits me, I'm going to flip out. It's just what I do. Though never officially diagnosed (unless you count the free clinic that just threw me on anti-depressants), I have my mental problems. I've battled depression since I was a teen, and my usual state is akin to an emotional roller coaster. I'm also a recovering self-injurer, and am pretty sure I'm either bipolar or just plain clinically depressed. So, I'm a little afraid of what I'm going to do when it starts to sink in that my life is not even slightly comparable to what it was just three weeks ago. Hopefully I won't freak out - but I'm a little worried. I haven't let myself grieve for Gilly yet - and it was very hard for me to leave my old place as I worked hard to get it. It was mine, and mine alone that no one helped me get. Now everything is "ours" and we're suddenly a two-cat family.

But, until then, I'm trying not to worry about it. I love my place!! I know I promised pictures, but I wanted to get things more set up before I showed it to you guys. Tonight is the first real cold snap since we've moved in (all of two days ago), so there will be a bottle of good wine being opened tonight in front of our new fireplace! Woot! I hope today flies by...

Our cable gets set up this evening, too, so I'll be able to rejoin the online world.

But this is My Life - and nothing is without it's drawbacks. At first, the only thing we found wrong in the new place (isn't there always something wrong in a new place?) was an outlet didn't work. It was the outlet next to my computer desk, so that bit. It turned out to be the least of our problems. Baret drew me a bath late Saturday night. I'd crashed so he left it sitting for a bit, and went downstairs. He heard this strange dripping noise and realized it was coming from inside the walls - directly under where the tub sits. He went and let the water out, came downstairs, and said it sounded as if someone was pouring a gallon bucket of water down the inside walls - water seeped out onto the floor and the new carpet. Not good.

So, the new house is amazing - we just can't bathe there yet. The landlord is going by today to have a look at it.

I'm very excited right now. My drive to work was nearly traffic-free, as my Dad pointed out a back roads way to get there. I get to work in exactly 10 minutes; not too shabby. We made it home Friday evening without much hassle - even though we'd been warned that traffic down the main highway we live near was horrendous. We lucky state workers get off at 4:30 - and we get home just before the traffic gets congested. That was the only thing I was really worried about.

Well, enough of this long ramble about moving in. I'm still a bit overwhelmed. I wake up in the mornings and think, "Do I live here? Wow." It's just so much nicer than where we were before. Hope this Monday flies for everyone!

- shanna bared her soul & griped a bit @ 6:27 AM

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