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Monday, October 20, 2003

I didn't want to post anything until I knew for sure - but it is now official. We found a new place!

That's right, the LSU area can have it's rapists, stalkers, serial killers and car thieves. I'm movin' on up.

I honestly didn't think I'd find a place I'd love. Not the way I fell in love with the place I live now. It's different - it's unique - it has an atmosphere about it. Imagine my surprise Saturday to go and check out a place that really set my heart atwitter. It was love at first sight - and all weekend I was waiting with bated breath to see if we would get approved to move in. The call came a few hours ago - and it ours!

$550/mo isn't bad at all for the nice, quiet neighborhood we'll be moving into. Let me tell you about all the nice things; after my last apartment, I feel as if I'm moving into luxury!

A patio was so important to me. I have a private patio now, and although it's small, I love it. I keep it up and enjoy spending time there. This new place also has a patio - except it's about 3x's bigger! Though I'll miss my little crepe myrtle tree, I'll be gaining a new friend - a nice, tall many-leaf dropping maple. I'm sure we'll become great friends. My old patio had a special touch - after cutting back a monstrosity of vines, I found an old tree stump with an old man's face intricately carved into it. It's really cool looking. The new patio has a small goldfish bowl/pond-thingy with a goldfish in it that's 13 years old. We're going to make a little fountain out of his home for him.

While the patio in itself was enough of a pull for me - hands down, the biggest draw had to be the fireplace. Oh yes, I now have a fireplace. Already I'm envisioning cold, windy sunsets outside, whilst cuddling up in front of a blazing fire with a glass of good wine. I also have a front door, and a nice-sized window next to it. Perfect for a Christmas tree, eh?

My kitchen is 3x's bigger than the kitchen I have now. It's nice, full of cabinets and has a dishwasher and a garbage disposal. Those may not seem like big things, but if you come from a place without them, it really is. There are line of small windows over the sink that look out into the patio. Just lovely.

There's a bathroom downstairs - albeit just a toliet and a sink - it's a big deal when you're downstairs drinking and have to pee every few seconds, and you're on crutches. Trust me. The bathroom down there has washer/dryer connections, so see those in my future as well. Aren't I growing up?

The two bedrooms upstairs are small, but that's of no consequence. The main room of my apartment now is my bedroom, and I'd like for that to change.

Storage. Man, is there ever enough storage here. Attic storage, ample closets and a shed out in the patio leave quite enough room to store my junk out of sight.

Can you tell I'm excited? I am. Probably nothing could've lifted my funk better than such a good change. For the first time in awhile now, I'm really smiling. :)

- shanna bared her soul & griped a bit @ 2:02 PM

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