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Thursday, October 23, 2003

Omfg - we have moved up the appointment with the landlord to get the keys. We go today after work - 7pm. And why am I suddenly all nervous and twittery? I'm excited, no doubt - but also a bit apprehensive. Why is that??

The street I live on now is small - very small. When all of the idiots that come to eat, drink and be merry at the near-by bars park up and down it and all in the road, it's a mess. My Dad called to tell me that he had tried to stop by last night to see how we were coming with packing. He couldn't even get down the street! He freaked out, realizing how much trouble we're going to have getting three trucks and two cars in there for us to move. Saturday is a home game and thunderstorms are predicted, so we planned to try and move Friday night. But Dad was right, it was going to be a nightmare. All the drunken college kids come out to play on Friday night and park all over my street and illegally in my parking lot.

So we're starting tonight (not that Thurs night is any better). The landlord agreed to meet with us this evening, and Dad will haul as much as he can tonight. The big help is going to come tomorrow; with the key now in our possession my Mom and sis can come and pack boxes and haul them to the new place all day long (this is what they want to do - they offered and I'm so grateful). My family's really great at helping out when it comes to moving. I can't ever repay them for the hours (and hours and hours) we all spent painting the apartment I'm in now when I first moved in. Yet they came like troopers early every morning - using their weekend time to help me paint my ugly walls.

So, anyway, we begin moving tonight. Which is funny, because we haven't packed anything. But tonight will just be the downstairs furniture - the funky futon (that's seen more kinky sex than a Nevada whore house - most of it not from me), my favorite chair (that has a permanent dent in it from my fat ass when it was the only other comfortable place to be besides bed after my surgery), my entertainment center and big-ass TV (a hand-me-down from my family, with the huge hole burned in the top from a candle my grandmother once left burning on it), my beloved Yin Yang coffee table (which I can say, proudly, that I made), and two of my three bookcases (I own so many books, I'm afraid Baret's going to decide to start using them for firewood one day).

Gods, can I really be moving? It's an ending - part of me is sad. But I'm so excited, so ready to start a new life in this new place. Sitting through work tomorrow is going to be torture!

- shanna bared her soul & griped a bit @ 2:04 PM

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