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Wednesday, October 22, 2003

Sitting here listening to Dan Fogelberg as I began to pack, and throw out things I know it's time to part with.

Dan has always been with me through big changes in my life - his music has always spoken to me; thanks to my parents. It always makes me smile, makes me cry and makes me remember. Just right now I'm remembering going to the Dan concert in Mississippi a few months ago with my Mom, Dad, sis and brother-in-law. Forever imbedded into my mind will be my Mom pushing me in a wheelchair through a crowd of people - rushing back from a needed bathroom release pre-concert. We wanted to make it back to our seats before anything started, and Mom, in her haste, clipped some guy's ankle and sent him sprawling on the ground. In her defense, the guy was in more of a rush than us, and basically cut in front of us because we were apparently going to slow for him - hey, if you're rude enough to cut in front of someone in a wheelchair you get what you deserve. Mom was apologizing profusely as he gets up and tries to pretend no one saw him; his girlfriend is shooting Mom daggers with her eyes. I was laughing my ass off. Ah, the memories.

It's hard to get rid of things. Even if they are just "things" - some hold so many memories, you truly form an attachment to them.

So, as I drink one-too-many Michelob Ultra's (my version of a diet pill - lite beer!), get rid of old things with old memories attached, shed a tear or two with Dan - I try to smile with these memories. You don't need a "thing" to help you remember good times. Special moments are held forever in the heart. Right? Now if I could just throw out the shirt I was wearing the night I met my first love.....

And as a sidenote, fave junk email title today:
From "Big Tony" - 24 Inches of Pain
Sounds inticing, doesn't it?

- shanna bared her soul & griped a bit @ 4:22 PM

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