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Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Are computer terms offensive?

This goes way beyond being politically correct. This is sheer and utter stupidity! I suppose that next someone is going to try and get changed that plugs are labeled "male" and "female". Oh, the horror! The human race has become a collective mass of hypersensitive imbeciles with egos more fragile than eggshells! "That hurt my feelings!" should not be a legitimate enough excuse to sue a person or entity! I see before long grade-school children getting their parents to sue another child on the playground for calling them names. Shit, it's probably already happened! I have a message for the world that it really should heed: GROW UP!!!

To calm my anger at the stupidity of the majority of the rest of my race, I must remind myself that there are cool people who live and breathe here as well. My Mom is one of those people. Yes, listen here, folks - I have one of the coolest Mom's around. She's my best friend, and that's no joke. But that isn't why she's cool. Yes, she reads this blog - she reads everything that I write, and she thinks it's all swell. But that isn't why she's cool. She brings a magnum of Asti with her everytime she comes to visit for us to share. But that isn't why she's cool. She's hip and open to try out the new music I introduce her to, stuff like Govinda even. But that's not even why she's cool. She's cool just because she's her - it's all of those things and more. I can call her when I'm sick, and she's the perfect Dr. Mom. I can call her every three minutes when I'm cooking meat for the first time, and she's a patient teacher. I can cry on her shoulder, and she really understands what I'm feeling. I can invite her to a wild party with all of my crazy friends, and she fits in as if she's one of the gang (my friends actually ask me to invite her!) Though she likes to try and organize your life, she listens to my thoughts on things and respects them. She thinks that I'm wise; how groovy is that? I can call her up and bitch her out for something stupid, and she'll turn right around and give it back to me just as harsh.

No, this isn't a big kiss-up to my Mom (who is reading this right now, I know, and crying). The reason for the post is simple. Doesn't my Mom sound like the coolest person ever? You know what, she is. She's strong and strong-willed, she's fun, loving and compassionate. She's young-at-heart and has a wild streak in her that never died. She's got more gusto and strength in her than she realizes and she's more remarkable than she'll ever give herself credit for. But my Mom - for all her beautiful traits - doesn't see it. All I ever hear is her knocking herself, and disliking herself. She can be pretty negative and critical - and she dishes out the worst of it on herself. I've been trying for 26 years to get her to see how amazing and beautiful she is - inside & out. Perhaps, seeing it all written out might open her eyes. So, Mom, (stop crying!), are you listening now? Learn to love yourself and everything about yourself because, you know what? You're pretty damn cool.

Thanks all for bearing with me through all of that - but I had to get that message out there. She needs to see it.

So it's back to trying-to-work. Do you know how hard it is to work the day before a major holiday? There's a buzz in the office - you know you have a holiday tomorrow. There's a big dinner planned for the entire office, and you know they sometimes let you go home early sometime after it. That right there causes enough nervous excitement in the air to change it from an ordinary work day to a Day-Before-A-Holiday!

And, on an ending note (then, really, I'm going!), is anyone else disgusted with how they push Christmas on us sooner every year? On Monday, two radio stations here in Baton Rouge started playing "continuous Christmas music - all day long!" Huh??! It's not even Thanksgiving yet! This year I saw the Christmas stuff going up in stores before Halloween was over. In a few more years, we'll just be inundated with the Christmas season all year 'round!

Hope everyone has a safe & wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!!

- shanna bared her soul & griped a bit @ 8:13 AM

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