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Tuesday, November 04, 2003

Good evening, lords & ladies...

I have returned from the Renaissance Festival in Houston - a little sunburnt, and a lot broke.

Naturally, I had to go in costume; I think that's half the fun. The festival is huge - Saturday & Sunday we spent the entire day there (from 9am - 7pm) and still didn't see everything.

Any kind of food you like or desire is there, but I wanted to try the specialities of the faire. I only had one steak-on-a-stick, but I imbibed copious amounts of my new favorite drink, honey mead. A word to the wise, if you plan to try steak-on-a-stick (which is very well seasoned & actually quite delish), make sure to bring along your dental floss or a handy toothpick. I spent the next three hours downing mead in an attempt to get stringy meat out of my teeth!

You can see the progression from happy festival-goers to sun-baked, mead-sotted blokes here:
Pre-Festival, Midway, and Fairly Well Sotted.

But it isn't all about cling-to-your-teeth meat, sweet wine and drunken revelry. There's money to be spent! Baret intends to add a little to his costume every year, and this year purchased a fine set of leather bracers and, what we were told is called a "frog". This is, in laymen's terms, that thing that holds your sword out behind you when it's belted at your waist - rather than straight down and getting tangled up in your legs. Yes, too much thinking - back to the mead drinking. Here's the friendly pirate that helped us purchase said frog. I purchased my first weapon (watch out world!), a beautiful pearl-handled dagger (oohs and aahs appreciated).

Last, but never least, I'll leave you with two fine warriors chomping down on roasted turkey leg (that's Baret & our friend we traveled with) and one fair and not-too-drunk-yet, wheel-chair-ridin' maiden.

We'll definitely be going back next year.

- shanna bared her soul & griped a bit @ 5:05 PM

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