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Tuesday, November 18, 2003

One for freedom & love! Equality will win out in the end. You're fighting a losing battle, religious fundies.

Some kind soul brought three bags of fruit to work yesterday. I gorged myself on kumquats - quite possibly my favorite fruit. If you've never had one, you're missing out. It's sort of like an orange with a hint of lemon bite. Yum.

It was brought to my attention (thanks Paul), that I neglected to answer the questions I posed a few days ago: If the world were ending, what three people would you visit and what three things would you do?

Myself - I would visit my Mom, Brandon and Jeremy - who I'd stay with 'til the end. I would get piss-ass drunk, eat a pizza and then have mad sex 'til the big bang ended it all.

I felt like playing Unconscious Mutterings:
  1. Plan B:: What I always end up falling back on
  2. Seattle:: A place I think I'll never visit
  3. The lady wore:: Red velvet
  4. Upsetting:: The glass on the table...and milk goes everywhere
  5. Tampon:: Tampax
  6. Celebrity:: Is not what it used to be
  7. Baja:: Jeep
  8. 64:: Almost 69!
  9. RGB:: Really Green Bug (yes, I know what it really means - that's just the first thing that popped into my head)
  10. Milkshake:: McDonald's Chocolate

Is there something weird about wearing hats? I wear hats often - especially to work. I am the only person, ever, that wears hats to the office. I always get compliments and remarks about them. At least one day out of the week, I'm in a hat. It's usually more b/c my hair was a bit dirty and I was too lazy to wash it rather than a huge fashion statement. But the fact is, I've always worn hats. When I do, everyone seems so astonished - as if it's some brave and brash style I'm sporting. What's up with that? Do you wear hats? Do people act all amazed when you do?

Ah, let me get back to the grind. I'm rather busy this morning - though I'm jamming out to The Fugees on my headphones to drown out the noise around me. Easier to concentrate that way. What's your favorite music to listen to at work? It's usually something hard for me. Any electronica gets me going - especially when I'm working on computers. BT is great, as is Prodigy. As long as it's more hard than trance-y, I'll work like a speedfreak.

- shanna bared her soul & griped a bit @ 7:52 AM

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