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Monday, November 24, 2003

Sometimes it's fun being an i.t. tech. It's not that I like making fun of people that aren't computer literate. Shit, even I make dumb mistakes - but, you have to admit, it can be pretty funny. I'm just sharing the laughs.

So I got a call last week about a frozen computer. "And nothing works," he told me. "I hit the Power button and nothing. I even tried hitting those keys - you know? Circle, Alter & Delete?"

Since the invasion of the hackers a few months back, and all of the virus scares, our company cracked down on employee Internet usage. Web-based email is no longer accessible, and certain websites are blocked with a certain program which shall remain nameless. The nameless program blocks sites based on content criteria. For example, E! Online is blocked (or "filtered out") as being in the category "Entertainment, Ebay is "Internet Auctions" and Green Fairy Dot Com is blocked as "Adult Content" (go figure). Still, imagine my surprise (and the laughter that ensued) when I tried to go to and the following appeared, "The Nameless-Blocking-Program category "Tasteless" is filtered." Tasteless, eh? Why I never! But, seriously, I can see "Entertainment", "Adult Content", "Online Games" as being actual categories - but "Tasteless"? Seems more a matter of opinion to me.

I overheard a co-worker rating himself earlier today as being "PG-13". Sometimes work can cause you to think of odd things, just to avoid actually thinking about work. This was one such instance - I pondered, "How would I rate myself?" Not my mind and private thoughts, of course - that would, no doubt, be a R teetering on XXX. But in everyday life and around people - what would my rating be? I suppose R, but around certain people, you have to be PG-13 or lower. This is a totally dumb ramble, I know. But, since I'm already here, how would you rate yourself?

Baret cooked me spaghetti last night - that was really sweet. Except he was really only trying to beat my impeccable and utterly delicious spaghetti recipe. He came close - but no cigar. Sure, I'm gloating, but really - spaghetti is like the only thing I can cook! I'm learning - even Emeril had to start somewhere.

It's a THREE DAY WEEK!! That means today is pseudo-Wednesday. Little else can make me as happy as a short work week! And sometimes, after we have our little office party to commerate the major holidays, they let us go home early! Sometimes. Let's hope this Wednesday will be one of them.

I just drank a cup of coffee. What's interesting about that? I never drink coffee at work. In fact, the only times I do drink coffee is every other Sunday morning. Baret and I like to get up early, drink 2 or 3 (sometimes more) cups, tweak ourselves all out and have an Everquest marathon together. Hey, don't knock it 'til you've tried it. But today I was falling asleep in front of my monitor around 2pm. So, rather than drool all over my monitor or be caught snoring, I nabbed an extra mug from my supervisor and poured me a steaming, hot cup. Did I happen to mention that I'm extra sensitive to caffeine? I can't even drink Coke without tweakin' like a crackhead. You know those energy pills with caffeine in them? Took one once and spent 12 hours lying on the couch with my eyes wide open and my heart hammering through my chest. I drank approximately two gallons of water and was peeing approximately every 5 minutes. My friend ate two of them and felt regular after 6 hours. So coffee is normally a no-no. I always regret it when I imbibe, and right now I'm typing so fast there is smoke coming from my keyboard.

No, no, I can't just drink decaffeinated coffee. What is the point of that? That's like when people ask me if my Miata is an automatic. Um, no. What would be the point of driving a sports car if it was?? That's how I feel about decaffeinated coffee.

Anyway, let me go before this becomes one, long tweaker ramble, or my keyboard breaks. Have a good one.

- shanna bared her soul & griped a bit @ 1:33 PM

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