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Thursday, December 11, 2003

I'm back...again. This is the second time I've tried to post - to let everyone know that I was alive and well. Blogger up and deleted the first attempt. The darkness I last wrote about passed not long after my posting - but life has been too busy to update. Sorry about that. I miss posting, and I truly miss reading each and every one of my favorite blogs. Hopefully things will get a bit slower soon, and I'll be able to get back into my old routine. Thanks to all who commented concerns and sent emails wondering if I was still out there somewhere. It was much appreciated.

And just to show you how much better I'm feeling, it's time to bitch and gripe about the things in this world that tick me off. Yea!

Rosa Parks is a Dumb Bitch
Rosa Parks, of black rights fame, is suing the band Outkast for using her name as a title to one of their songs ("Rosa Parks" off of 1998's "Aquemini" album).

Even if I wasn't an Outkast fan (which I am), I would think this is ludicrous. To me, this is just another example of sue-crazy America. I'm not knocking Ms. Parks good deeds, or any of the major accomplishments she has made in this lifetime - for herself and others. She fights for equality for all - and I'm all about that. But to sue a band because they used your name as the title of their song?! Why?

Whether I was famous or not, I'd love it if someone used my name in a song. How can you sue someone for using your name? She's not some big company or huge movie, she's a person. A person who has the moniker she does because her parents slapped it on her at birth and added it to her father's surname. Big whoop. Hope nobody makes a song called "Joe Brown" or "John Smith". Here come the lawsuits.

Why should Rosa Parks get money because a song used her name? Is she that much of a commercial entity - that using anything involving her or her person deserves hard cash? The song isn't even about her. Wesley Wills wrote a song called "Alanis Morrisette" - no one sued him.

Are Medical Marijuana Activists Persecuted in the US?
After reading this article, I was moved to add my comments.

The part in particular that got me was:
" Kubby argued in his refugee hearing that his need for marijuana was the same as a diabetic who requires insulin to stay alive. He claimed his life would be threatened if he was returned to the United States and denied the drug.

Dauns ruled it appeared pot was helping Kubby cope with his cancer symptoms, but it was unclear if it was actually keeping him alive. She noted that he would have access to the drug under the California law he helped pass.

"He argues that a medical marijuana patient should be protected from persecution. What he has demonstrated is that in fact, they are," Dauns wrote in her nearly 60-page decision.

Dauns noted that the U.S. federal government has opposed state medical marijuana laws, but Kubby had failed to show the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency had any special interest in prosecuting him. "

Firstly, it is entirely possible that Kubby's claims that marijuana are keeping him alive are valid. Dauns claims that "a medical marijuana patient should be protected from persecution" and goes to affirm that they are. If they were, though, how could Kubby - a cancer patient - be arrested and prosecuted for using "medical marijuana" in 2001 when a law was passed allowing such usage in 1996?

This brought to mind the story of Peter McWilliams. After learning how this man's life ended, I had a hard time believing that medical marijuana proponents weren't persecuted.

McWilliams was diagnosed with cancer and HIV in early 1996. Towards the end of his life, years later, the medicines he was on for his HIV made him violently ill - so ill that he was unable to keep the medicine down because he kept vomiting it back up. To cure this nausea, McWilliams smoked marijuana - which at the time was supposedly "legal for medicinal purposes" in the State of California. With smoking, McWilliams was able to keep down the medicine he needed to sustain his life.

However, Peter McWilliams was arrested on drug charges and put on probation - he was regularly and arbitrarily tested for the plant in his system. He was forced to leave alone the one drug he had found that could help him. McWilliams died not long after his sentencing - choking on his own vomit (the truth is harsh). To read his story, go here or here.

So to Paulah Dauns I say - do a bit more research. Medical marijuana activists are most certainly persecuted in the United States.

A good article on these issues, inspired by what happened to McWilliams, is here.

Laziness = Fat Ass
I'm sorry, but it is not the industry's responsibility to keep Americans slim and trim! In this article the Coca-Cola company believes it needs to do more to help curb the growing surge of obesity in the United States.

This is just insane. The reason we're overweight isn't because of the fast food, sugary sweets and syrupy cold drinks that abound in today's world. We're overweight because we're fucking lazy. If the industry wants to spew out crap and unhealthy edibles, so be it. No one forces us to imbibe - and it's no one's fault but our own that we don't get off our butts and exercise the excess off!

Hey, I'll admit, I'm talking about myself here, too. I'm the epitome of laziness and I could stand to shed a few pounds myself. My gripe here is the approach. Making "healthier" foods isn't going to solve the problem. Getting we slobs off our ass is.

If you can think of a way to do that, let me know. Meanwhile I'll be chilling on my couch, watching "Charmed" re-runs and downing a lite beer.

Have a good one, everyone.

- shanna bared her soul & griped a bit @ 7:43 AM

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