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Thursday, December 18, 2003

This "becoming an adult" thing just grows by leaps and bounds!

For Christmas, my parents offered to purchase us a dining room table set. I've never owned a dining room table, so I was very excited. The idea of having a table to sit down at it and eat (as opposed to TV-trays) or do bills (as opposed to ambling upstairs to my desk) is a nice one.

My Mom hunted down a few select choices at Pier 1, and finally dragged my lazy ass over to make the final selection. Baret and I both really love the wicker/bamboo-look, so I knew right away which were to be ours.

Mom, Dad and my sis, Amber, are going to see LOTR tonight, and afterwards are picking up our new dining room set, and two new barstools for our small bar - the Christmas gift from my grandfather. I'm all excited. Yes, you know you're growing up when you get excited about getting furniture for Christmas.

So, even though I've been lax and haven't ever posted pics of the new apartment (I WILL, I swear!), you can view my dining room set!

Check it out:
Mombo Dining Table & Chairs. Those barstools were too big for our small space, so we went with these instead: Mombasa. No, I don't understand the difference between "barstool" and "counterstool" either.

To thank them for this wonderful gift, and because they'll probably be starving after sitting through a 3+ hour movie and hauling furniture, I'll be cooking my special spaghetti for them (special b/c it's the only thing I cook) and Baret will buy some of their favorite beer.

The holidays have begun. Tonight my little brother is stopping by to sleep after picking his girlfriend up at the airport. She doesn't come in 'til 10pm and it's too far for them to drive all the way back home. She's spending the holidays with us, so that's very cool.

And, if you don't hear from me again for a few days, the reason is that we're about to MOVE at work. Anyone who has ever been involved in the move of an office to a new building can certainly understand the insanity that always ensues. When you're one of two people that has to hook everyone's PC's back up at the new building, that insanity goes up a few more notches. Fear not, though. No matter how crazy it gets, I have the knowledge that as soon as we're all settled I can kick back in my new office with a window...and a door! Oh yes, folks. I may not make as much as I'd like, but having an office all my own makes up for a lot of that!

So I'm off to start packing, to start planning supper for tonight, and to keep bringing up the Pier 1 page and showing everyone that walks by my new dining room set. Ok, not really, I just like to keep looking at it all by myself.

Have a wonderful one.

- shanna bared her soul & griped a bit @ 6:50 AM

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