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Saturday, January 31, 2004

Finally, a news article that I really can rag on. Boys Are Stupid Clothes Line Has Some People's Panties in a Wad (my own title).

In case you're not in the mood to read the entire article, I can sum it up for you nicely. T-shirt company david & goliath made radio personality, Glenn Sacks cry.

Mr. Sacks, who is a proud spokesperson for "men's rights" (first time I've heard of it, too), claims the chief designer, Todd Goldman, of a particular line of the company's t-shirts (that would be the "Boys Are Stupid" line) has gone over the line. Mr. Goldman's "quirky" sense of humor plays on the young teen girl mindset that boys are icky & have cooties (the mindset right before they decide they want to have sex with the same previously-and-once-icky-boys). Mr. Sacks, who says he doesn't want to seem like a "humorless zealot" says he "doesn't get the joke".

We should start this off by saying that Glenn Sacks is not a humorless zealot, he's just a wuss. I think the shirts, with slogans such as "Boys Lie - Poke 'Em in the Eye", "Boys Are Smelly - Throw Garbage Cans At Them", and "Boys Have Cooties", are rather cute, and I can easily see how young teen girls would think the same and like to wear them. Apparently, however, Mr. Sacks is convinced the evil t-shirts are "wrong" and has even swayed enough opinion over his way to have several chain stores take down the clothes!

We're at war, people are dying and starving all over the world, and Russell Crowe was injured on a movie set in Australia, and Glenn Sacks has taken up this as his personal crusade? There are a million wrongs and injustices in the world, yet Glenn Sacks cannot abide by young girls wearing t-shirts that say "Boys Are Stupid".

Obviously Mr. Sacks doesn't have a daughter, otherwise he'd be joyous that she thought boys were stupid. He'd be buying her as many t-shirts as she wanted. "That's right, honey, boys do have cooties. Never touch one."

These shirts are harmless. There's no way they are going to turn any hormone-tweaked teenage girl into a boy hater once the early stages of prepubescent lust have entered her system. Trust me. And it's not like the shirts say "Boys Are Stupid - Stab Them To Death with a Blunt Butter Knife" or "Boys Have Cooties - Stick Their Fingers in Meat Grinders". I once owned a shirt that said, "If We Mate, I Have to Kill You" with a little spider on it. It didn't mean that I hated boys, or that I literally ate my male partners have a good romp in the sack. It was a joke; a tongue-in-cheek slogan like the ones that appear on thousands of shirts around the world. Mr. Sacks probably would've pissed his pants had he seen that one. No, more likely, he just wouldn't have gotten it.

One has to wonder if Glenn Sacks was beat up by girls in high school. Anyone else think so?

As for me, I ordered "Boys Lie - Poke 'Em in the Eye" and plan to order "Boys Have Cooties" for my seven-year old god daughter's birthday.

- shanna bared her soul & griped a bit @ 6:11 AM

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