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Friday, January 09, 2004

I always wanted to know - how do people find me? I installed a stat counter on this site last month that tells me what people are typing into search engines to find me. I figured, after reading the results on others' blogs, this would be a hoot. As always, the rest of the population leaves me much to laugh at.

So, without further adieu, search engine queries that wound some poor soul up here.

The two biggest draws, of course, are shanna (usually people searching for porn star shanna moakler) and anima (probably people searching for tool-related things). Not so obvious, though, is coffee anima. This one stumped me for the longest. Coffee anima? Wtf is that? Apparently the perversion of my mind is slipping some. After doing a similar search, I came across a blog where someone was talking about coffee enemas...mispelled (to indicate pronunciation) anima. Oh...I see. A coffee enema people? Come on now. Do people really do this? Of course, after learning about wolfbagging online, I now know that people do just about anything you can imagine when it comes to sex & kink. And now that I've actually written out "coffee enema" on here, I can only imagine the hits I'm going to be getting.

The ones I like are the people who type entire sentences or phrases into a search engine. For example, give me some pictures of anima is going to yield the same results as "anima pictures", no? There was also depressed having to go back to work after vacation - weren't we all? - and a navy officer sent this letter to 13 people and he was promoted - referring to, still, one of the biggest search queries for this blog - sundarbans picture dead.

I can usually muster a guess as to what people were really searching for when they typed something certain in. But fuck sweety movie, hit alt-8, and shanna way have me stumped. Any ideas?

There are some that I know for sure came due to past posts: anima christmas pictures , smooshed fairies, dining mombo table set, makin magic headstone game , and saddam captured figurines. But when did I ever talk about anything even remotely resembling photo ejaculation feminine?

I'd have to say one of my favorites, however, was bored people pics. Is this some type of new sex kink or strange photo genre that I'm unaware of? Pictures of bored people...I don't know, sounds kind of, um, boring to me.

I would take a safe guess that googly sex pics is a hit from someone catching my link to Rose's blog (who I have to say a big CONGRATULATIONS to along with Ravyn today!)

And, last but not least, the poor individual who was searching for, simply, horndogs. Found one here, I gotta say.

I hope everyone has a kickass weekend - more from this vulgar, little Scorp soon.

- shanna bared her soul & griped a bit @ 5:00 AM

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