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Wednesday, January 21, 2004

I was late this morning because I ordered an (apparently) gourment sausage biscuit from McDonald's. I was already aggravated. There were the people who wouldn't inch their cars up just a bit more, allowing me to actually speak into the speaker - although I could hear it calling out to me perfectly clear, "Good morning, what can I get you?" Don't you hate that? There were the people that either don't know what they want or are apparently ordering breakfast for their entire office. I mean, it's breakfast; the menu isn't that large. Why is it taking you 4 minutes to place your order? Finally, I get my turn; simple and straight-forward, #5 with a bottled water - drive on up.

As I come to the second window, the guy hands me my water and then stands there for a few seconds looking around. Finally he says, "Ma'am, you'll have to pull up to Block #1 while we prepare your sausage biscuit. We'll bring it out to you." And I'm thinking, okay, fine, they just don't have any made. But, really, how long does it take to nuke the chunk of pseudo-meat they throw on these things? After over five minutes of sitting and waiting, I am now late for work, and a less than a pleased customer. Come on, people. It's a sausage biscuit - it's two pieces of bread and a little hunk of meat. What is there to "prepare"? It's not like I ordered a well-done Porterhouse Steak.

Thankfully my boss was understanding that McDonald's employees are obviously not capable of preparing a sausage biscuit in a timely manner.

In other news, I had the rare pleasure of meeting a friend & fellow blogger, Ravyn ; who is also the proud hubby of my dear friend, Rose. I never guessed I'd have the chance to meet someone from the blog-world, but I'm grateful for the opportunity that blogging has created and for introducing me to some really great people. On his way through my humble, home state, I was able to offer my dwelling and a warm, home-cooked meal (yes, you know it was spaghetti - one day I plan to learn to cook other things as well!). I hope he enjoyed his short stay, and I have to say I truly enjoyed meeting him. This is one cool guy, folks. (Rose, you've got a keeper!)

And I to share the coolest of dreams that I had a few nites ago. I lived in a time long ago, medieval Europe, perhaps. I was down by this lake that sat in front of these old castle ruins and I saved a woman from drowning. Her name was Atalanta (it's so strange for me to remember names in dreams) and she was a Druid Priestess. I knew, from what she began to teach me, that it was my destiny to follow this path and to do something great with it. The problem was that I was a young widow with a small son that had been married to an older, influential man. We were Catholics, and the Church was everywhere. Somehow, they began to be suspicious of me and my activities - and my questioning of the Bible and obvious pulling away from the Church. I remember only hurriedly packing up my home with a male who was a close friend. I was going to sneak away, with my son, under the cover of night, and live with these Druids. My friend was helping me pack, telling me that if they caught me I would be imprisoned, tortured and finally killed and my son would likely be killed as well. I knew this and it struck fear in my heart.

My cat, JoJo, woke me up before I got to finish the dream - so I don't know if we made it to safety or not. It was a cool dream, though, and one that didn't follow the usual dreamy loopiness. It was all very real and laid-out in a perfect timeline.

I suppose that's all for me this morning. Hope everyone is well, and I'll catch back up tomorrow.

- shanna bared her soul & griped a bit @ 7:02 AM

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