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Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Firstly, I'd like to say a big, fat "Fuck you, you fucking fuck" to the dipshitty asshat whom I was kind enough to let out into traffic yesterday. The fuckwad was so busy talking on his cell phone that he couldn't even give me an acknowledging "thank you" wave. I hate that. It's not that I do it for the wave, or that I expect people to thank me for being courteous. Just that it's so fucking rude not to! Like they deserved to be let out, or it was my duty to do so - not that I was just being kind in the middle of rush hour traffic when they otherwise would've been sitting there for 10+ minutes (people in Baton Rouge never let you in). But that's not the all of it. I'm not insanely furious with this man b/c he didn't give me a "thank you" wave - my road rage isn't that bad. It was the fact that he was talking on his DAMN CELL PHONE - the fact that he was so busy talking on his cell phone he couldn't even pause to give a "thank you" wave, and (WORSE) he proceeded to have us merge onto the Interstate at 40 mph!! Talking, not driving. You fucking fuck.

And naturally I have to say something about the Jackson-Timberlake-Super Bowl-Boob-Thingy. Not much though, b/c it's already given them way more attention than they deserved, or probably even bargained for in the beginning. She's got a new album coming out, it was a publicity stunt, it wasn't an accident (we knew that before you 'fessed up about it, Ms. Jackson) and it was pretty fucking lame. Look, I'm not big on censorship or anything, but there is a reason basic network TV doesn't show nudity - for celebs to take their "look at me! look at me!" shock-tactics to family TV was just plain wrong. Furthermore, this night was about football and about the players that earned the right to play in the Super Bowl - an accomplishment to be proud of. It was their night - for Justin & Janet to be so selfish and turn it into their shining moment and publicity stunt bullshit was wrong. In the big scheme of things, it doesn't matter and most kids know what a booby looks like anyway. It's just the fact - celebs act like a bunch of spoiled brats, each one doing something worse than the one before to get all the attention. Perhaps if Timberlake and Jackson themselves got slapped with a hefty thousand dollar fine rather than the networks, they'd think before they pull these stupid, childish acts. There's a reason MTV exists (and we know it isn't for music), so just keep it there, ok?

Last but not least, I found out today that I am the #1 Google Search for coffee anima. Woot! I never thought I would be a top Google search for anything, so this brings me great joy - even if I'm really only the #1 search find for people that can't spell. It's good to rule something, though. Coffee anima, coffee anima, coffee anima, coffee anima. Woohoo! Though I feel sorry for all of the misguided souls who want to shoot coffee up their ass and end up just reading a lot of bitching from a foul-mouthed, fiesty Southern gal, so I have added a little link (up top on the right) to help them on their way. It's just my way of thanking them for making this a #1 Google search for terrible spellers coffee anima.

Happy hot enemas to all, and to all a good nite.

- shanna bared her soul & griped a bit @ 9:50 AM

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