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Friday, February 27, 2004

Now, I could care less about baseball, but I found myself, stuck in a rut of idle surfing, reading this article about the blowing up of some unlucky Cubs baseball.

As I was skimming the article, this one sentence stood out:
"I'm somewhat disappointed, it was a little anticlimactic for us," Adam Fluck said.

Excuse me...what was that Mr...Fluck?? His last name is Fluck. Omg - can you imagine the berating this man got as a kid in school? Even adults must either giggle or blush when calling out his name. Really - say it aloud. If I were stuck with a surname like that I'd have to do something midly creative with it - start a website called "Fuck Fluck" or something. Fluck. I might just have to use that in a story.

Another idle surf brought up the more interesting article about Michael Jackson-like priests. It says that 4,392 priests have been accused of sexual abuse. That's no small number. The first sentence was the most interesting:
Two church-sanctioned studies documenting sex abuse by U.S. Roman Catholic clergy say that about 4 percent of clerics have been accused of molesting minors since 1950 and blame bishops' "moral laxity" in disciplining offenders for letting the problem worsen.

I, for one, would just like to say that the problem is more the sex-is-a-sin-and-evil mindset that forces the clergy to be celibate is more to blame than "moral laxity". You see, when you have a religion that says sex is evil, and the even greater evil is to be gay and have sex, you have a lot of wanting-to-do-right-by-their-souls individuals that go into the priesthood to escape the calls of their sexual urges. What better way to fend off such devilish activities than to enter into a world of forced celibacy? So then we have human beings with natural sexual urges who, regardless of how devout they may be, need a release.

Now I'm not saying this gives them an excuse, or that their repression gives them a right to fuck with little boys. Not by any means. But perhaps the Catholic church needs to re-evaluate their viewpoints, and the lifestyle they impose on their clergy. Could this not be, quite possibly, the root of this mass sexual perversion?

In other news, I'm a happy Ebayer again. After the mess with the my-mother-sent-it-you-threatening-ebayer woman, it felt good to have an amicable, smooth transaction. I'm now the proud owner of my very own Buddy Christ. That's right, he's happy, he's scrappy, he's the son of God. And he's currently sitting atop my desk eyeing the hot High Elf figurine I got from one of the Everquest expansion packs. They made such a cute couple, I had to post them on my fotolog. This is what happens when you have a) a digital camera b) too much time on your hands and c) a few too many Michelob Ultras.

Tonight is the Rosedale Methodist's Church Annual Fish Fry - not a day late for the first Friday of Lent so that we can hit up all those non-meat-eating Catholics. Marketing is everywhere in Christianity! I'm sure you're wondering why I'm attending, and supporting, a fish fry for a Christian church when I'm, well, not. You see, this is the church of my childhood. I was baptized and confirmed here - as a young 'un I even sang in the choir. It's a very small church - super emphasis on the "very". The people here are older folks that I grew up around (a few my actual next door neighbors). Even though I no longer consider myself a worshipper of those tenements, I have a soft spot for that small, ever-struggling little church. Even though my memories of being a young Christian are not the best, my memories of that particular place are actually quite good. So I support the church - or rather, the people in it - than anything having to do with the religion. I try to go and, at least, buy a dinner or two - sometimes I actually sell tickets or go lend a hand. You don't have to believe in something to support it - in fact, it's an even better reason to do so. Love thine enemies and all that - Buddy Christ was right about that part.

At the last, I have to comment on the woman who died watching Mel Gibson's "Passion of The Christ". I mean, wow. I've heard the film is gory and excessively explicit. I kind of wondered what effect that would have on the really hardcore Jesus freaks. I'm sure your everyday Christian will simply be saddened, and deeply affected by it. But the Jesus Freaks - that's going to mortify them to the core. Obviously.

I'm really interested to see it. I know most people think I'll bash it, but I have a soft spot for 'ole Mel, so I truly intend to give it a fair viewing and open mind; just as I do for everything.

Speaking of Lent, I don't understand it at all. It really kind of weirded me out to see people coming into work Wednesday with faded, ashey crosses emblazoned on their foreheads talking about what they had to "give up" for Lent.

"So it's kind of like New Year's?" I asked someone - and only got a strange frown for an answer.

I've asked people about it before - the sacrifice of "giving up" something for a certain period of time, the cross of ashes on the forehead and the no-meat on Fridays. What in the hell does all that mean or stand for when grouped together? I've never got a clear-cut answer. I do know that Mardi Gras originated as the last big party before the seriousness of the Lent season. But my Lent-knowledge ends there. Frankly, the entire deal sounds rather Pagan-ish to me.

With that, I hope everyone has a splendid weekend!

- shanna bared her soul & griped a bit @ 5:19 AM

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