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Friday, February 06, 2004

So, how long did you think it would be before some random greedy asshat sued because they were forced to see a booby? Frankly, I thought it would come much sooner.

To all of you lazy-ass, whiny, mother fuckers that will exploit any situation to try and bring your pathetic self a quick buck:

Nobody cares if you were offended, upset, shocked, or morally ruined. You're someday going to have to accept that some things just happen and it doesn't mean you are owed a red copper cent. People today need to take responbility for their own actions, and, also learn to "GET OVER IT". You are not entitled to money just because something upset you, and you are not entitled to money from accidents spawned of your own stupidity. If you gain too much weight because you spend your life's wages on fast food, that's no one's fault but your own. If you spill coffee on yourself it means you're clumsy, not that you should get $1.2 billion dollars because an "accident" happened. If you get fired from your job because you came to work drunk and with a loaded weapon, you have to be a complete fucking MORON to not understand why (it happened, I just can't find the news link). If you saw a tit on TV, and are so horribly mortified that you intend to sue everyone you can think of, you really need to get a life.

This woman is sueing Janet Jackson, Justin Timberlake, CBS, MTV and Viacom. Give me a fucking break. It gets better, this bright little lady thought of everything. It's kind to think of others. Not only does she want money for herself, she wants it for half of the world. This dumb bitch believes that over 80 million people who saw the boob Sunday night deserve compensation. Yes, here's a brilliant one, let's mail a check to every single person that claims they watched the Super Bowl half-time show and saw Janet's titty pop out. That's the most intelligent thing I've ever heard of - this woman must be a genius.

"The law firm handling the suit issued a statement on Friday saying that neither the woman who filed it, Terri Carlin, nor her attorney, Wayne Ritchie, would comment. "The issue here is accountability and not more publicity," it said."

Bullshit. Let me say this: Terri Carlin, you are just another assinine, whining, money-grubbing bitch with too much time on her hands. Just cashing in on the little spotlight, aren't we, dear? Mommy & Daddy would be so proud. You selfish, sue-crazy ass should be slapped.

I'd like to make a giant collage of boobs - from photos, screen stills, and mags. I'd like to post them all onto a gigantic posterboard and stick it in front of her house. Then I'd make many more smaller copies and mail her one each day. I'd also email her another copy every Sunday, just for good measure. "These are BOOBS", it would say, and then, "SUE ME". What a dumb bitch.

- shanna bared her soul & griped a bit @ 2:18 PM

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