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Thursday, February 19, 2004

Today I'm nervous. No, no - that's not positive thinking. The correct thing is to say "I'm not nervous at all", and trick my brain into really thinking I'm not. I'm trying.

Today at work I have to give a presentation to the head boss - the big cheese, the governor appointed leader over our state agency. These things normally don't make me nervous. I have no problems speaking in front of my co-workers; after working with most of them for over four years I'm fairly comfortable around them. I don't even, normally, have problems speaking with the supervisors - they have to be nice to me because I'm the one that fixes their computers. No, really, I get along with everyone at my office. But the head honcho is another story. It's not that we don't get along - in fact, he used to like me a lot. I'm a go-getter at work, and he loves that. But after I ended up on crutches (going on two years now), he didn't like me so much. Not getting over my knee surgery in a timely manner was seen as a failure in his eyes. Yet he's a tough boss - he yells at a lot, at everyone. He kind of reminds me of Rumplestillskin.

So naturally, having to give a presentation to him today has me a little on edge. If he's in a good mood, I'm in like Flynn. If he's not, no telling what could happen.

But I want this so bad - probably another reason I'm so nervous. If he likes what I show him today, an entire revamping (from scratch) of the agency's website, I will be the web designer for our office. No, I won't be getting more pay, but as with everything with this job, I'm getting what I can from it - and that looks damn good on a resume and even better on my web design portfolio. Plus, I'd enjoy it.

I honestly can't see them not liking it. The original site was done over five years ago and is in serious need of repair. Nothing is uniform about it, navigation is absolutely horrible and some pages have font sizes so small I can barely read them (and I'm the kind of person that regularly types letters in 7.5 font size!).

So please wish me luck!

- shanna bared her soul & griped a bit @ 6:35 AM

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