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Friday, February 13, 2004

Who wrote this article? They make bedbugs sound like some sort of yummy snack food rather than an aggravating little creepy-crawly that gnaws on you while you slumber. "Bedbugs are tiny bloodsucking insects that smell like soda pop syrup and are shaped like apple seeds." Smell like soda pop syrup? I'd like to meet the person that found that one out.

"Honey, check this out - there are all kinds of little bugs in our bed."

"What are they?!"

"I don't know," she says as she bends down and sniffs one, "but they smell like soda pop syrup."

But seriously, we live in a fucked up world. We live in a world where your company tells you to delete emailed Valentine's Day e-cards because they could be potential viruses, where you get arrested for selling sex toys to married couples, where hundreds of women today are celebrating Valentine's day alone because their husband or boyfriend died in a war that was based on lies, where people believe that it is okay to disallow anyone a freedom in this country because their "God" doesn't like it - if everyone is supposed to have the same freedoms here, then why can't gay people be married? We live in a world where the "Good Samaritan" is dead - stopping to help someone in need in this day could cost you your life. It isn't safe to go somewhere without locking your car doors, and it isn't even safe to be in your home without the doors locked - even in broad daylight. We live in a world where men grab little girls right off the street a few blocks from their home, and before the sun has even set. In our world, there are metal detectors in schools and National Terror Alert charts on TV. There was a war over nothing and a man who caused the deaths of thousands one particular day in September seemingly forgotten and running free. The world we live in is a scary place.

But, it sure is an interesting place as well. What can you say about a world where Barbie & Ken break up after 43 years? Scary, I tell you.

Anyway, just a random rant - hope everyone has a good Valentine's Day weekend!

- shanna bared her soul & griped a bit @ 10:41 AM

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