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Tuesday, March 23, 2004

After reading Rose's post about the guy that found her blog through the search query "I caught my wife letting my dog fuck her", I thought I'd pop into my various trackers and see how people are finding me these days.

Along with the various assortment and strange add-ons to the word "anima":
anima yahoo skin, how to get anima, free anima fucking, good anima, dirty anima, anima fairy pictures, anima boys cute, anima biggest dick, evil anima blogs, anima panties, anima toys, anima dating skins, anima monkeys, anima tv, sex anima, anima girlfriend, movie chicken anima, anima showing everything, resin anima, and, my favorite, coffee anima

was also this gem you see here below, which I think tops even the dog-fucking-wife:
my dad gave me a enema i was a bad girl

I really have no words except to ask, how did that bring them here??

And what in the hell are "anima panties" anyway? My guess is that this all more people who can't spell and are just leaving off "l" in animal. Right? I hope so. Then again, after re-reading a few of those, maybe I don't.

Another of note was "adam fluck cubs". What in the hell is that? Is it a person? It is a thing, a phrase, a toy, a newly discovered planet? Did they find it here? If you like that, then you'll enjoy this one that is a new favorite of mine as well: romp cooties.
"Let's have a good romp in the sack, dear."
"I don't know - can't you get 'romp cooties' from doing that, darling?"

Romp cooties? Wtf are romp cooties?

I also thought you'd like to know that I've invented a new short-hand curse phrase. Omfg is one of my favorite short-hand curse phrases in the world - but I will now add to the list smfdasob; pronounced smoof-da-sob. It's short for stupid, mother-fucking, dumbass son-of-a-bitch. So if you read here regularly, get used to it - you will see it again. Smfdasob.

- shanna bared her soul & griped a bit @ 1:01 PM

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