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Friday, March 12, 2004

I got the latest Pyramid Collection catalog in the mail yesterday. As always, the first thing I do is flip through quickly to make sure Bacchus is still for sale. I want Bacchus in my home - at least, I want the likeness of his face that is carved into this resin wall plaque. I just haven't been able to really afford him, or convince myself I "needed" him enough to dole out the extra cash. But I wanted him badly and when I want something, it's an ever-burning thought in my consciousness until I make it mine.

With dismay I realized he wasn't in the catalog this time around. Panicked, I told Baret - he knows how badly I've been wanting the Bacchus plaque to hang over our wine rack - and flew straight to the website. Thankfully, he was still there (type "Bacchus" in the Search box) and I ordered him right away before he was truly gone forever.

It got me thinking about the guest deities I have in my home. I wouldn't say that I'm dedicated fully to any one certain pantheon or set of deities, but rather, it seems, I simply surround myself with the ones that speak to me at the time. In this way each of them imbue my surroundings with the energy that they possess. So who is it that I have invited to share my home with? Buddha would be the most prominent of my guests - I have three lovely Buddha statues. Two fairly large, brown wood ones on my hearth and a lovely white marble one I purchased in New Orlean's French Market expressly for my first apartment. He now, in my new home, resides on the mantle. A new Buddha, a gift from a friend, has been added to the collection. I would not feel content without the beautiful Isis & Osiris looking down on me my from living room wall. The Hindu god Ganesh, another trinket from the French Market, sits on my desk to inspire me. My four-piece cross collection gives a nod to the prophet Jesus, whose peaceful teachings I am in accord with. Soon Bacchus, god of wine, will come to join us in our merry home and the next deity I intend to invite in is the peaceful and loving goddess Kwan Yin.

I truly have some of the most wonderful house guests! What energies to you invite into your home?

- shanna bared her soul & griped a bit @ 6:44 AM

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