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Friday, March 05, 2004

Over the intercom system at work this morning, the following wafted through:
"They are testing the fire alarm systems this morning. So, if you hear anything strange, do not be alarmed."

Don't be alarmed, people, it's just the alarm. This morning has started off terribly and is one of the days that gives credence to my belief that the world would be a helluva lot better place if there weren't people in it. Days like today make me hate people, and I'm not afraid to admit it.

Days like yesterday don't help either. I attended the funeral of a close family friend - a woman that was as much family as one can be without the same blood flowing through your veins. She and her brother, who passed away a few years ago, were friends of my grandparents (whom they lived across the street from) and thought of my mother and uncle as their own children, and myself and my siblings as their own grandchildren. Mrs. Elsie was a feisty, spirited woman who used to fire a cap gun in the air to call her little, black poodle, Coco, home when we were kids. She never bit her tongue and was delightfully caustic. Knowing her, and her brother, was truly a gift in this lifetime. Yesterday we buried her. What left me with a bad taste in my mouth over my fellow beings was Mrs. Elsie's blood relatives.

Never having children of her own, Mrs. Elsie's only family were a few nieces. Or as I like to refer to them, a few greedy bitches. I believe they loved Mrs. Elsie in their way - I'm not saying that they didn't. But not long before she died, and when she was sick, she told my grandfather how they were going through her things and asking where this or that item was (jewelry). As my Mom was talking to them in the hospital the day before her death, trying to discuss whether or not they were going to allow the doctors to use "heroic efforts" to revive her if she began to die, the greedy bitches only wanted to talk about all of her things that they wanted to "go through". As soon as the funeral was over and as they were lowering her casket into the ground, one of them was already in her car speeding off to the nursing home Mrs. Elsie had lived at - to go through her things!

I don't think these are bad people. I just think they're greedy - maybe not even realizing how greedy they truly are. A lot of people are greedy in this day and age, but it's still a harsh thing to see it in the light that I witnessed it yesterday. Mrs. Elsie gave us, her true family (even she called us that) all we ever needed or wanted from her - unconditional love.

So I wasn't real up on liking people after that. I come into work this morning and it gets worse. There is a virus going through the email system - even though our agency's program is taking the virus from the emails, the emails still arrive. People are freaking out because the emails look somewhat legit. So I send out an email explaining it's a virus and to just delete it - simple enough, right? Then I get a barrage of calls and emails - "I already tried to open it!", "But it says it's from blah-blah-blah", "I just got this email and think it's a virus - what should I do?" (the exact email I just told them about - they never even read the email I sent). So I sent another agency-wide email re-explaining and simplifying as much as possible. It's really not that complicated, people. If it's a strange email with a strange attachment, delete it.

And the new website - omfg - they are driving me fucking insane!! A few years ago, before I worked here, the fucking fucks at IBM gave us a really crappy program (and charged us out the ass for it) that only runs on Netscape; let me clarify - only runs on Netscape 4.75. We cannot upgrade Netscape without losing the ability to function in this program (which runs the bulk of the agency's operations when it's working properly). The new website I built has a few problems with this old version of Netscape but works fine in the newer versions and in all versions of Internet Explorer.

Now I know this is not good webmaster policy here. I know my website should work in all browsers - regardless of version. Believe me, I'm doing everything I can to remedy the problem - even going so far as to rewrite most of the pages in plain, old HTML script from scratch and trying to teach myself some script that will redirect people to the correct page depending on their browser & version. I'm working on it, believe me. In the interim, however, I've told people here to simply use Internet Explorer to view the site as our old, funky version of Netscape isn't currently compatible.

You'd think I'd ask them to switch from caffeinated coffee to decaf. You'd think I'd asked them to stop doing every part of their daily routines one way and do them a completely new way. You would almost believe I asked them to offer me their first born sons cooking over a fiery spit as sacrifice for a fully-functioning-in-all-browsers website.

"But I have this shortcut on my Desktop!!! It goes to the website in Netscape!" Yes, set up a new shortcut from IE - it doesn't take a rocket scientist - I'll even walk you through it.

"But I always view it in Netscape - the old site worked in Netscape." Yes, but this isn't the old site and times change. Grow up and get over it.

"I had no problems with the old site." Perhaps you didn't, but the rest of the using world did since it was damn-near impossible to navigate or understand and had fonts the size of termites.

The site is better than it was, and I don't mean because I'm some ace and master web designer, but simply because I took pains to make navigation easier and everything uniform and easily readable. I made it user-friendly is all. And I would just appreciate a a little fucking patience while I tweak it and fix it to make it run as perfectly as possible. I'm TRYING - really I am. In the interim, can you just view the goddamn thing on IE??! Really, if you'd just do that, I'll even drop the first born sons request. The younger ones are much more tender anyway.

Have a good weekend, you guys.

- shanna bared her soul & griped a bit @ 7:45 AM

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