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Monday, March 15, 2004

So what can they come up with next? Just when you think reality TV has spewed forth every possible pseudo-reality idea that could exist, they come up with another. Fuck American Idol - now we're goin' for American President.

What started with throwing a whole bunch of people on an island and watching their true colors shine through has grown into quite the monster. I mean, really, at some point they have to run out of ideas. Let's get this chick to pretend she's marrying this big, horrible slob of a guy and fool her whole family. Let's take this girl looking for love and throw her in a house with gay and straight guys and have her to try to guess which is which. Let's film Donald Trump trying to hire a new employee. Let's stick a bunch of has-been celebrities in a house and watch what unfolds. Let's take a bunch of people and see just how far they're willing to go for money. Let's stick the most outrageous group of obscure people we can conjure up in a house together! I mean, when will it end?

So we have this guy at work that has gone from irritating Christian-oriented-joke emailer to full-blown e-minister. While he still sends out the annoying-brimming-with-Christian-goodness-and-nonsense emails, he also sends out these "Daily Devotions". These things are numbered - such as "Day 12 of 24 - Jesus and You". They have parts of the Bible in them and then a little "sermon" underneath each. It's like having a daily e-church right here at the agency! And it sucks.

It's not as if I don't get enough non-work-related junk in my Inbox. From the 30+ virus emails we get daily now (the attachments are removed, thankfully, b/c every idiot in the office keeps trying to open them even after I've sent out two emails telling them not to), to the 10-20 daily please-forward-this-to-20-people-DON'T-DELETE-IT bullshit, I have enough shit I don't need in my Inbox. The last thing I want to add to the aggravating list of crap is religious solicitation.

This guy doesn't see anything wrong with what he's doing - most people on his list enjoy his daily preaching, and he truly feels he is only spreading the love of the Lord around. But, frankly, it's annoying - and I don't even see how it can be legal. Not everyone here is a devoted Christian. And even if I am the only Pagan, I know I'm not the only one who really has no interest in dealing with their faith at work or who doesn't care for Christianity anymore than they care for any religion.

And before I go I have to bitch about Jefferson Hwy. It's a fairly large highway here in Baton Rouge - one of the most traffic-congested come the evening rush hour. A four-lane monstrosity with a huge center turning lane. Sounds like, other than during rush hour, things should move along swimmingly on it.

Far from it.

The speed limit on Jefferson Hwy. is 45. Forty-five mph - so someone please tell me why the asshats I get behind every day feel the need to drive 40 & under? A lot of the time it's old people, and even more of the time it's people paying more attention to gabbing into the phone stuck to their ear than driving. But many times it's just a regular person tooting down the highway under the speed limit. I don't get it. And the thing is, it's such a rampant problem on this particular highway, that you can't move into the other lane and go around the non-driving shits because the people in the passing lane are doing 40 & under as well. For those of us that actually drive when we get in our cars, it's the biggest damn headache.

Happy Monday everyone.

- shanna bared her soul & griped a bit @ 6:27 AM

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