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Thursday, March 18, 2004

Today I hated everyone. It was one of those days.

And I don't mean just one of those days where I was bitchy and PMSy and hating everyone. One of those days where everyone is stupid and deserving of my hate. The combination was deadly.

One guy kept emailing me stupid questions and suggestions - for no apparent reason other than that's all he does all the time to everyone. I wondered if he ever did any actual work, or did he just spend his day coming up with assinine things to send out to every one and their supervisor. And I hated him.

Then my supervisor came in and told me we were going to begin installing the new computer systems tomorrow. 72 computers divided by 2 people to install them. He figures it will take us until way into April to finish. Heh. I'm guessing June. And I hated him.

Someone came and told me her computer was connecting up to the network. Actually, that isn't what she said - I'm giving too much credit here. She said when she signed on [this] program and [that] program wouldn't work; those two being our email program and another one that only works when connected to the network. Wonder what the problem is?? So I wobbled over only to find that the network cable had come unplugged from the back of her computer. I perform nothing short of rocket science, folks. This is the same gal that complained to me that she'd been employed there for "weeks" and still hadn't been given a working printer - when the real problem was that she hadn't turned the printer she had ON. Also the same chick who called me over to get a stuck envelope out of her printer - when all she had to do was open the top, pull out the ink cartidge and the envelope was just sitting right there. And I hated her.

I then went into my boss' office to discuss this upcoming nightmare of installing computers and another employee came in. They began swapping stories of when they were younger and how awesome this city used to be - for over thirty minutes. And they're not just talking to each other, where I can quietly slip out the door, no. They're talking to me - 'cause I care, right? I had to sit there for 30 mins nodding and smiling politely while nothing but "" is running through my mind. Oh, that and "please-for-the-love-of-fucking-god-shut-the-goddamn-motherfucking-hell-UP-!!!!" And I hated them.

But then I came home and saw that my new 15" wheels for Stella had been delivered and Baret said he'd put them on this evening. He asked if I'd sit outside with him, listen to the radio and drink some beer while he got all manly and mechanical for me. And I loved him.

- shanna bared her soul & griped a bit @ 3:48 PM

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