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Friday, April 23, 2004

I think I can sum up this entire fucking work week thus:

I was reading in this blog that "One in every twelve people is born dumb." I'm not sure where she gleaned this information from, but I've few doubts as to its accuracy. If this is indeed true then I am wholly convinced that more than half of the people I work with fall into this small category.

Like kryptonite to Superman, "change" is the nemesis of any state worker that falls into the aforementioned "one in every twelve" group. This being the vast majority of them, it comes as no surprise that along with the tedium and many irritations of installing 60+ new computer systems I have also had to deal with the most whiny bunch of dumbfucks that has ever lived.

Look, it is NOT my job to teach you how to do your job and it is not my FAULT that you are too dumb to truly qualify for your job. What? Oh, I know the line, "I'm not good with computers. My job isn't computers and I can't do all this stuff." Listen up, fuckwad, you couldn't do your job without a computer, you couldn't function if everything on that computer was gone so, YES, knowing how to work through basic computer functions IS your job and it ain't MY job to teach you. If you're too damn ignorant to know how to create a desktop shortcut icon, or to even know *what* an "icon" is (no, folks, most of them don't), then you can't do your job. Since nearly 95% of the functions of your job involve using a computer, then, yes, you need to "know computers" to do it. DO NOT come complaining to me because "the new computer SUCKS ASS" because "it's all different." Yes, it's different you whiny fuck, because your old computer was ancient and took 5 mins to open a program - this is newer, better, and, other than simply being different than what you're used to, a vast improvement on what you had before. Quit fucking complaining, quit whining to me that you can't "do anything" on your new computer, and learn to do your job.

Just TRY - that's all I'm asking. Before you come stand in my office door for ten minutes whining about "this stupid new computer", before you keep me on the phone for half an hour bitching that "this dumb thing doesn't work", realize that, more than likely, the computer is a lot less "dumb" and "stupid" than you are and go tell your supervisor that you need to be signed up for some serious computer training classes. My job is to keep you running efficiently, fix broken machines and fiangle screwy programs, not to listen to your drivel or teach you to do the basics of your job so that you can continue making 3x's more than me.

I hate dumb people.

- shanna bared her soul & griped a bit @ 3:46 PM

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