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Thursday, April 15, 2004

So this bitch has fueled my anger enough for me to post again today. She claims to be "fat" yet "fit" - yet somehow, dumbshit, manages to sprain her ASS CHEEK (excuse me, her "right gluteus") walking up some "not-to-code" stairs.

There are obviously, right off, a thousand different things I could say about this. But do I even have to? How in the fucking hell do you sprain your ASS CHEEK right gluteus??

But, no, I'm not angry at this woman because she sprang her butt. I could give two shits about her supposedly fit fat ass pulling a tendon that doesn't even exist nor am I going to argue the finer points of in-code stairs (which I know more about than she, trust me). No I am really riled up at this woman's rump-pulling post after reading that she had her doctor and her supervisor at work approve her fit, fat lazy ass for "light duty" - because of her yanked bottom.

Light duty? Light motherfucking duty??? She's getting light duty at work because she hurt her ass??????? But what can you expect from someone that has the impudence to walk around her office with ice packs strapped to her derriere?

Why does this enrage me so? For the same goddamn reason that I boil over when I see healthy, able bodies parking in the handicap spots, the same reason that I'd like to throttle those that live off of the government for the rest of their lives for "disabilities" that they could, if they actually tried to apply themselves, still function with!! I've been hobbling around in pain and on crutches at my job for almost two fucking years now!!! You don't see me asking for "light duty" - you don't see me trying to collect disability - you don't see me bitching about it in my blog all the time and I live with this shit every single day - every day I wake up and I go to bed, and I'm still crippled. And there is a possibility I will always and forever be this way. Does that mean the day I find out this *is* permanent I'll give up and try to collect disability? No. Does it mean I'll start asking for less work or "easier" work that doesn't involve me hobbling around the building all day or crawling under desks? No. Not no, but fucking hell no.

So when some whiny-ass goes and gets special privileges for a little pain or strain, I blow my top. What happened to being a hard worker, to putting in that extra when it came down to the rough spots? In the days of our great-grandparents, not getting up and doing the daily chores or going to work meant the difference between having food on the table or not. Period.

Light duty????

And how in the hell do you sprain your fanny on not-in-code stairs anyway? How do your sprain your ass period, regardless of the stairs? What in the fuck do the stairs have to do with it? The stairs aren't in code?? Does she even know what stairs are coded for? There's no way a not-in-code stair is going to cause you to sprain your ass. Maybe somebody's body isn't up to code - but the stairs? No. It doesn't work like that; take it from someone who's in the business of enforcing codes for stairs, ok?

The whole "light duty" thing just really ticked me. What's wrong with people? I'm so sick of the whole lot of whiny, lazy, greedy fucks that are taking up valuable oxygen on this planet. I'm out.

- shanna bared her soul & griped a bit @ 12:04 PM

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