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Friday, May 21, 2004

I never know, in any given day, when I walk into the office what kind of problems, or what kind of stupidity I’m going to be faced with. Today seems to be everyone-woke-up-braindead day.

Though it may not always seem like it, I do try very hard not to be one of those snobby, you're-too-dumb-to-understand-this techs. Even if they are, and even if I come and bitch about it later here, I'm always helpful and kind while I'm helping someone. That's why I have to come and bitch about it here!

You see, I know that most people don't "get" computers, and some people will be baffled by them no matter what they do. What drives me crazy are the people that work every day on these machines, and have done so for years, and still do not understand the basic functions. I got into an argument with a supervisor today because he insisted Windows Explorer was not installed on his machine; though I told him a few different ways to access it. He finally came to my office and I showed it to him and he stated, "That's not what I'm used to seeing."

I'm baffled. Nothing has changed with Windows Explorer - all I can figure is that he usually goes into My Computer to get around, and just forgot that, thinking instead that he goes to Explorer. Likely he has always gone to My Computer and just calls it Windows Explorer. Yes, it's fairly common for them one day to just forget something they do every day. I don't know how either.

Then a woman calls me and states they cannot get into our website. I check it out, and everything is up and running fine. I ask her if she's tried refreshing her browser.

'" she asks.

Am I speaking Greek here? "Yes," I try to explain. "You may just need to hit the Refresh button on your browser window."

"Br..browser window," I hear her mumble to herself. Then to someone else in the room, "She says we have to re...fresh window?"

She then puts me on hold. When she finally gets back to me she states that they are "it's working now". Wondering what the problem was, in case it's something I need to know or can help someone else out with, I ask her, "So you Refreshed and that's what it got it working?"

She was silent for a few beats then stammered, "We got it working now, thank you" and promptly hung up.

This woman was obviously calling me from an office, and sounded to be in the clerical profession - meaning she works on a computer at least 8 hours a day/5 days a week and she had no clue what "refresh" or "browser window" was. I can get the browser window part, not many people call it that, but how can you not know how to refresh - or how can you act as if you've never heard those words uttered before in your life by anyone??!

The new computers have passwords that must be changed every certain number of days. I sent out a memo explaining to everyone that the passwords were their responsibility, that we would have no way of knowing their password and that if they locked themselves out there was nothing we could do. If that happened, they needed to call the i.t.-department-over-our-group-of-agencies and have them reset their account. Simple enough, right?

Do you know how many people have called me since that this-is-a-mandatory-read memo was sent out asking me either:
1. Do you know my password? I can't remember it.
2. I'm locked out. What do I need to do?
3. Can you unlock my account?

How am I supposed to know your password? I'm an i.t. tech, not a flippin' mind reader. I don't telepathically know what all 70+ people in the office change their passwords to.

I had one bright individual call me seven-times-in-a-row because their account was locked out. I told them to call the i.t.-department-over-our-group-of-agencies, as they were instructed to do. This didn't work because even though they unlocked the account, said individual count not remember their password. I assured them that I didn't know it and had no way of knowing it and that they needed to call the i-d-o-o-g-o-a back and ask them to "reset the password" rather than "unlock the account". This really confused the individual who after calling them three more times and kept asking them to just unlock the account, couldn't figure out why they still couldn't get in. "Can you come down here?" I was asked. I refused, trying, once again, to explain that there was nothing I could do. I couldn't even call the i-d-o-o-g-o-a for them as policy states they can only unlock systems for the person it belongs to. I guess they eventually got in. The kicker with that incident was, unsatisfied with my answers, they went over me and to my supervisor and asked him to come and help them. Little good it did them, as he refused and told them the exact same things I'd told them.

Did I mention that I'm more-than-grateful that it's Friday? Have a good one, my more-computer-savvy-than-my-co-worker-readers.

- shanna bared her soul & griped a bit @ 10:24 AM

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