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Sunday, June 06, 2004

Before I start this, I've had a few too many beers - if it's incomprehensible, forgive me now. Thanks.

For the record, Baret and I are not loud people. In fact, we are very, very considerate people. That's why I'm very troubled by the current neighbor+noise problem.

It's not that they are loud - it's that, apparently, we are! We're both really upset about this because we try to be good and neighborly neighbors.

A few months ago (I might've mentioned this), I believe it was in March sometime, we got a knock on the door around 9pm one week night. It was our new neighbor asking us to turn the music down. We were rather surprised, because it was very low to begin with - he even commented that he couldn't hear it from where he was (at the door downstairs). But it was a drum 'n bass album, so that was certainly understandable. We apologized and turned it down.

Ever since then, at 9pm on the dot, whatever music we had playing in the house was turned down. Week nights are work nights and we could certainly appreciate the noise factor. We figured weekends we could go a little louder a little later. Thing is, since that happened, I don't think we've been home one weekend since.

So it was quite the shock when tonight (or today if you want to get technical about it), at around 1-something am there was this horrible banging noise on the wall that connected our town homes. Baret turned and looked at me with the same confused expression. We turned down the music - which was a bit loud, in retrospect.

Thing is, I don't appreciate the wall banging. I understand it's a late hour (1-am-ish) and they're likely in bed and didn't feel like getting up and walking over - but still. I could see wall-banging if we did this all the time. But we don't - we're not here enough to do it all the time. Unless there are other times they haven't come to us about.

Not long after their coming over to ask us to "turn it down" (which we didn't mind) - we gave them a bunch of left-over petunias that we hadn't had room to plant. They were working in the garden and we offered the lady of the house to go on in our patio and take "what she needed" since we'd bought too many. They left us a really sweet thank-you note in response and we felt all was well. A few days ago we saw they'd left some huge speaker boxes out by the trash. A day later they caught Baret outside and asked if their new speakers had been "too loud" and bothering us. They hadn't.

So it seems all was okay - so why the wall-banging? I can understand not wanting to get out of bed and being aggravated at being woken up. I can. But to do it to people that are trying to be considerate, and don't do it on a regular basis?

I honestly plan to go over there sometime this week, knock on the door and ask them if we can all get together for a little "let's work together" session. I'd like to try playing music at my play at varying degrees, and go over to their place and see what can be heard. Then vice versa. Then we can all discuss what we're willing to put up with at what times (weekends, of course, should be a bit more lenient on music playing). I think I'm being considerate; I'm trying to be. But the wall-banging - damnit - that bothered the shit out of me.

- shanna bared her soul & griped a bit @ 6:17 AM

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