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Friday, June 18, 2004

I know I've told you all before about "Blank's Law" (blank referring to my last name which, for obvious reasons, I can't post). Blank's Law, according to my father is "Murhpy was an optimist." That would seem funny - unless you're a Blank.

No one believes in Blank's Law until they start dating or hanging around a Blank a lot. And after awhile even they have to admit, "You know, you Blanks have got some really strange, fucked up bad luck." C'est vrai.

So nothing that happened yesterday should have surprised me. But perhaps I, like Murphy, am an optimist.

My ex used to always "timing is everything". He was right. Applying that logic to Blank's Law, it then makes perfect sense that:
1. About mid-afternoon I would get into an argument with Baret about bills and his griping about money - pointing out that I pay all of the bills and we have had no problems, no cut-offs in the 9 months since we've been together at this new place
and then
2. The electricity would get cut off in our apartment later that day.

I mean can we say "perfect timing"?! Jesus flippin' Christ.

There's nothing quite like lying around a dark, quiet house butt-naked and still miserable and sweating your ass off. It was so dead and hot and humid outside that opening the windows made it worse.

So to make a long story short we sweltered in misery until 11:00 pm last nite. To my credit, the mistake is most likely theirs and not mine; I'm going through past paperwork now to try and figure that out (difficult b/c I get all of my bills online and have no paper bills for history).

My super-cool computer case that we ordered for my new computer came in yesterday - and that seemed like a good thing. Until we opened the box and it was dented. We have to send it back.

This morning we got up and got into a huge fight - lack of sleep and goddess-know-what-else compounded - and that's how my weekend is starting off. There will be no time to make-up or even stay pissy because his sister, her husband and their two young boys are coming to visit and spend the nite tonite. Yea. So we have to pretend everything is happy and okay. I hate that.

Well, I figure it can only get better from here - but we've already ascertained that I'm optimist, so perhaps not. In any event, I hope your weekends go better than mine has so far!

- shanna bared her soul & griped a bit @ 6:27 AM

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