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Monday, August 23, 2004

Sorry for the absence; I'm doing great, though. Really hoping to graduate to a cane in the next two weeks!

***The "WTF Olympic Photo Competition" has been removed for maintenance (friggin' Yahoo! keeps moving the damn pictures around so none of the links are working correctly! GRRRRR***

While I get that little problem fixed so I can share that insanity with you, I'll give you a few more boring updates and a few more gripes. I haven't bitched in so long and damnit I miss it.

The leg is doing great - I'm working it all the time and the muscles are FINALLY starting to get strong again. I mean, you can actually *see* muscles in my right leg again, which is great since it had gotten about two times smaller than my left leg. I swim, I go the gym twice a week, I sleep in my brace at night - sometimes I spend whole lunch hours walking across the floor using a chair with wheels for support (I can do this with only one hand on the back of the chair now!).

The rest of my life is going pretty much the same, Baton Rouge drivers are still the worst in the world (and the cause of many fits of rage). They're either driving under the speed limit and swerving all over the road b/c they're on the phone, or they're pulling out in front of you or coming over into your lane with the attitude of "they'll move b/c they don't want me to hit them". A friend of mine recently got into an accident because one such moron moved into her lane - despite her horn blasts signaling that he was about to hit her. She swerved over to get out of his way and ended up rearing ending another car.

I'm about to start a new page on my website simply to document the stupidity of people. In the day-to-day world you can run into the most ignorant of individuals! For example, let me share with you this gem of a story, told to me by my sister.

Let me begin by explaining that my 22 year-old sister does not look like she's much over 18. She and my mother were shopping at a well-known grocery store chain. Mom had left the checkout line to go grab something she'd forgotten, while my sister continued to load groceries onto the conveyor belt. Upon Mom's return the cashier told her:

"It's a good thing you came back because I wasn't going to sell her that beer."

Mom just kind of shrugged that off and answered, "Oh, well, it's okay because she's 22."

To which our brilliant and most-likely high school drop-out of a cashier responded, "Yeah, but she doesn't look it so I wouldn't of sold it to her."

Now Mom was a little appalled. "You mean even if she showed you her ID you wouldn't have sold it to her?" she asked.

"I've seen fake IDs," the idiot responded.

"But it isn't fake!" my Mom said, wondering what the exact requirements were for being hired at this establishment.

The brilliant cashieress answered solemnly and with a shrug, "I still wouldn't have sold it to her."

People simply amaze me sometimes. I remember an incident that took place many years ago at a Circle-K near LSU. I went in to buy a pack of cigarettes for my then-boyfriend and myself. He smoked cheap menthols and I smoked Camel Lights religiously. The genius behind the counter told me that she could not sell me two different brands of cigarettes. When I asked her why not, she said it was "the law" because I could go out and give those other cigarettes to someone underage. She was dead serious.

The kicker was that I bought my pack and came back later with my boyfriend so that he could buy his own. She refused to sell the cigarettes to him, even though he had his driver's license stating he was of legal age, because I was with him. She still claimed that was "the law" - because then he could give the cigarettes to me who could then go and give them to that mysterious underage person that didn't exist. We almost couldn't be angry at her because she was so fucking stupid; she honestly believed she was completely in the right.

Anyways, just a little bitchin' - I'll get to working on fixing up that other post to give you guys a few chuckles.

- shanna bared her soul & griped a bit @ 8:00 PM

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