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Thursday, August 26, 2004

Work has been extremely stressful this week - the tension in the air is palpable and you just know at any moment someone is going to crack and start screaming. Everyone is walking around looking either panicked or grim and I honestly believe if someone were to smile the floor would open up and that person would be sucked down into hell itself for their defiance.

This distressing and rather uncomfortable environment is the product of the "BIG GALA EVENT" taking place at our building this Friday. A whole big shindig that, for me, really only boils down to having stand in the heat on a southern August day for 45 minutes and listen to a bunch of pointless drivel and political grandstanding. Attendance is mandatory and the head of our agency, *Rumplestiltskin's, raging aspiration to have everything abso-fucking-lutely perfect has just about put most of our managers and supervisors into the local mental hospital.

Which means the rest of us underlings are all walking on very sensitive eggshells. It hasn't been the most enjoyable work atmosphere, as you can well imagine.

To top it all off, Rumplestiltskin must show the building off to the public - it just wouldn't be politically beneficial not to give the public a walk-through, now would it? So everyone has been scrambling around trying to make their offices "spotless" - no papers lying around, no boxes on the floor - basically they don't want it to look like anyone actually works here. If the public walks through and thinks that all we do all day is sit and stare at our bare desks and pristine floors, then we have accomplished the goal.

The stress has gotten to the point where higher-ups are freaking out over the smallest issues - some that don't really matter to begin with. For example, yesterday evening about 10 minutes before my day was to end I was told that I had to stay behind and complete a project that my supervisor had yet to finish because IT HAD TO be done by Friday and for the BIG GALA EVENT.

It wasn't even my supervisor who told me to stay - it was my supervisor's supervisor. And what was this huge project that had such a huge bearing on the BIG GALA EVENT you may ask? Well let me tell you - we had to inventory and get rid of all extra computer equipment that was being stored in the file rooms. The file rooms that are going to be closed and locked up all day Friday. The file rooms that the public will never see. The file rooms that had to be cleaned out and cleaned up and have the floors waxed so they can look shiny and brand new and unused on Friday when the public walks through and never even sees them. Wait, I don't think you understand. The rooms that the public aren't allowed into and are going to be locked out - they had to be CLEANED and GUTTED. Thiswas SO IMPORTANT that I had to work an hour overtime to get it done because, OMFG, the-BIG-GALA-EVENT-is-in-only-two-days-and-those-file-rooms-have-all-that-stuff-in-them-that-the-public-will-never-see-but-maybe-they-have-x-ray-vision-or-something-so,-I-mean-holy-shit,-we-have-to-get-those-file-rooms-cleaned-out. Don't you understand??!

No I don't either.

- shanna bared her soul & griped a bit @ 2:08 PM

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