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Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Although my previous entry makes it seems as if I could give a toss about the Category 5 hurricane headed our way, I am taking the proper precautions.

I decided last night that we should go supply shopping. Even though Baton Rouge is a (somewhat) major city and lights & water would likely be cut back on here before they would be "out in the country", I remember people telling me that they were without here for 3 days after Hurricane Andrew. That's really nothing compared to the weeks we country-folk went without those things, but even 3 days would not be fun.

I felt it would be best to get things early - rather than wait until the "official" announcement that Ivan was headed this way and have to fight the throngs of people that would then be flocking to every supermarket and Super Wal-Mart in the area. We made that mistake two years ago with the last big hurricane scare - not a battery, flashlight or bottle of water was to be found in the city. There weren't many people last night shopping, but you could tell pre-hurricane preparations were already being made. A few new displays had been set up right inside the door of Albertson's with batteries, flashlights, oil lamps and oil.

Not surprisingly, the water aisle was nearly empty as well. We weren't the only ones shopping early. Canned food - fruits & vegetables especially - were also in short supply. The shelves on some of these aisles were already almost bare. That was all understandable - what confused me were the huge gaps in the spaghetti sauce aisles. Is there some huge cook-hurricane-spaghetti tradition that I don't know about? Is spaghetti sauce something people eat when they are stuck inside with no utilities? If so, it's news to me, but there were maybe 2 cans left of spaghetti sauce on the shelves.

So we're all stocked up on lots of junk food, water, lamps & lamp oil, candles and batteries. Bring it baby, we're ready.

You couldn't pay me money to try & get out to the stores tonight. No way.

This morning the Weather Channel said tropical storm force winds are extending 200 miles outside of Ivan, so that, even though landfall won't be until Thursday morning, we'll start feeling the effects as early as tomorrow.

Out of all of it, I'm most worried about my New Orleans. You know it's below sea-level, but for those of you that have never been there you can't really grasp the concept fully. Let me put it to you this way, in Algiers (right outside of NOLA), standing in front of the levee, you are looking up at the ships on the Gulf. Yes, they are above you. It's a creepy and strange feeling - if New Orleans doesn't flood forever, I'll get pictures for you one day. But because of this, I am extremely concerned about the fate of my beloved city. They've always said she couldn't stand against a very strong hurricane - and that's just what Ivan is.

I'm going get ready for work now - quite possibly the last day I'll work this week (they're predicting everything will begin shutting down tomorrow) - and I'll keep you updated as long as we have electricity.

- shanna bared her soul & griped a bit @ 4:08 AM

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