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Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Every waking moment of every day this week I have suffered from headaches. Stress is a motherfucking bitch.

Along with all of the other things that keep me so busy I can't see straight, I'm helplessly having to watch someone that's so precious to my very soul go through something horrible; I can do nothing to ease their pain. This is the cause of my headaches.

But there's no use dwelling on something that nothing can be done about, right?

It always happens in threes - so who will be next? We've lost Rodney Dangerfield & Janet Leigh of "Psycho" fame in the past few days. It's always sad when someone you grew up watching, Dangerfield in this case for me, passes on.

I'm still rejoicing over the gay marriage-ban being thrown out here in Louisiana. You see, they put two things on the amendment - banning gay marriage and banning civil unions. You can't do that. Their greed to have their religious views made the rule for everyone came back to bite them in the ass. Glory be.

I've been meaning to post some The Sims 2 screenshots for Kat but just haven't gotten around to it. I just created the perfect family to showcase, though, so they should be making an appearance soon. I got the idea from a book called "Strange Deaths" that my friend Ryan gave me. It chronicles unusual and interesting ways that people have died - it's a total Scorpio-into-the-macabre kind of book. So this one story told of a stripper named Lucia la Bella who was trying out a new routine that involved twirling a pistol while she twirled around the pole. Apparently Miss la Bella didn't realize said pistol was loaded and during the act it went off and shot a Mr. Mario and killed him instantly. I took this idea and ran with it, creating the la Bella family in my Sims game and adding my own twist to their story - Mario is an ex-roadie for Faster Pussycat who only knew Lucia, an infamous hair band groupie, by name. Years later, in the 90s, Mario happens by a small Georgia strip club and gets to see the Lucia he's heard so much about performing on stage - it's love at first sight. And almost death - as Mario lies recovering in the hospital from the bullet wound, a distraught Lucia visits him every day. The couple fall in love and are married the next week and later have a son who they name after their idol, Ozzy.

Yes, I'm twisted, but it's so much fun.

- shanna bared her soul & griped a bit @ 8:52 AM

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