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Saturday, October 16, 2004

For Kat:

Screenshots and a storyline from my The Sims 2 game.

The Pleasant Family is one that came with the game, but it is I who twisted their life into the soap opera it has become.

The Pleasant Family

On a fine spring day, Daniel Pleasant married his true love, Mary-sue.

Not long after the couple were cursed blessed with twins! Angela and Lilith Pleasant may be twins, but the two couldn't have been more different than night and day. From the moment they took their first breath, their only shared trait was the intense hate for the other.

Across town and around the same time, Dustin Broke was born. Dustin's father (shown here) died shortly after this photo was taken in a mysterious pool ladder accident and Dustin was never quite the same. A mastermind criminal by time he hit his early teens, it was a surprise to everyone when he became best friends with goody-goody, A+-student Angela Pleasant. The two spent every day after school together.

Finally the twin girls were going to reach adulthood! Their exhausted parents couldn't wait for the peace of a quiet house.

To speed the moving-out process along, the Pleasant's made their daughters an offer they couldn't refuse. Move out and in together, and we'll buy you a posh beach-style house. Angela and Lilith moved out the very next day.

Coincidentally, Dustin Broke, now grown himself, lived across the street from the girl's new home. As he helped Angela move, they both finally opened up about their true feelings for one another - they were in love. Angela's sweet and down-to-earth disposition was the perfect catalyst for Dustin's wreckless ambition.

Not long after these feelings were revealed, Angela came up pregnant. After baby Dillon was born, Angela began to wonder what was holding Dustin up on his engagement proposal. Surely now that they had a child together, he would marry her.

Little did Angela know that not long after she and Dustin fell in love, he had invited her sister over to help him pick out the perfect engagement ring. Though they had hated each other growing up, Dustin and Lilith found they had a lot in common.

And ended up in bed together.

Dustin found himself in quite a pickle; he was in love with Angela, who was the sweetest person in the world. But he couldn't ignore his attraction to the much-wilder, and much-more-his-pace, Lilith; and the woohoo is amazing. He decided to keep up his relationships with both and let the cards fall where they may.

When Lilith turned up pregnant, she told Angela the baby was for a co-worker whom she'd been dating and had broken it off with.

However, now that baby Elena is born, Lilith finds herself growing a heart she didn't know she had.

Will Lilith simply break it off with Dustin, or will she come clean to Angela and tell her the terrible truth?

To be continued...

- shanna bared her soul & griped a bit @ 7:47 AM

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