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Friday, October 22, 2004

I'm such a geek. I got home yesterday to find a present on my desk from my wonderful also-geeky boyfriend; a 512mb USB flash card!! Oh joy of joys! Ever since getting my 128mb one about a year ago, I truly wondered how I'd lived without it at all. I used to be the girl carrying around 10+ floppies on her person; if I had certain files I wanted, say from my home pc to my work pc, I'd email them to myself. A USB flash card is a must for any on-the-go geek. 512mb, baby - say it with me. No flowers that could wilt or sexy lingerie I may wear once - my man gives me something I can use. Thank you, baby, for your thoughtful geekiness; I love you!

And I would just like to throw my two coppers out there on this whole Jessica Simpson as Daisy Duke mess. Jessica, I never really liked you, but I tolerated you; reserving my vitriol for your more dangerous cousins Spears and Skankuilera. But now, you must die.

You see, this is an insult to the Dukes of Hazzard. I'm not saying it's some fine piece of fiction but it is an old favorite from childhood. I'm not lying to you when I say that written down in my baby book as some of my first words are "Bo Duke" and "Luke Duke". I had the Dukes of Hazzard Hot Wheels cars even. And what I'm trying to say is that ditzy bottle-blonde Simpson is NOT Daisy Duke by any stretch of the imagination! Daisy was not dumb, for one, and I can't see Simpson even being able to act as if she isn't. It's not like I wasn't expecting them to make it campy, but putting Jessica fucking Simpson in the role of Daisy is just, well, stupid. Jessica, Catherine Bach you are not. I'm not even going to talk about the choices for my beloved Bo & Luke...but I'm not at all happy about those either. And Burt Reynolds as Boss Hogg?? Come the fuck on. This has to be the worst case of casting in the history of cinema. Let's hire the dog that plays Lassie to play Roscoe's basset hound, Flash. And throw some spinners on the General Lee and paint Dixie hot pink with some flaming racing stripes. Makes about as much sense.

What's scary was that I was looking up some Dukes of Hazzard trivia since I couldn't remember Flash's name, and I actually remember some of the episodes they're talking about! Note that I was at the age of learning to talk when I used to watch this show. I also saw that you can get the old episodes on DVD. Hmmmmnn....I do have a birthday looming (Nov. 6). And, ohmigoddess, am I totally cheesy for wanting this shirt?! I do, I really do.

It's Friday and I have a busy weekend ahead. I hate that. By time Sunday rolls around I feel as if I got no rest. And I need my rest. Next weekend is Halloween, and that's chock full of parties and goodies and the next we're going to the Houston Renaissance Festival for my birthday. I need a rest! At least we get four days off of work this November. My office is also trying to work out letting us work 4-10s; that'd be *great*. I think everyone should have a weekday off - even if it's just once a month. There are things that sometimes need to be taken care of that you just can't do on a weekend - places that aren't open before you go in and are closing up when you're going home. If I need to get my license renewed, or go to the doctor for a check-up, for example, I have to use my leave time from work to do that. I often wonder how people get anything done working 9-5 7 days a week. 4-10s would rock the house.

Enough rambling. It's FRIDAY, people! I can wear jeans to work and the whole weekend is ahead of us! Have a good one...

- shanna bared her soul & griped a bit @ 4:49 AM

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