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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Oh boy. I have the motherlode of all Bad-Baton-Rouge-Drivers stories. And coming from me, you know that's saying something!

Even though I witnessed this insanity with my own eyes, I'm still having trouble believing it even happened. It's just that bad.

For those of you not familiar with the busy four-lane street I live just off, suffice it to say it's one of the worst in Baton Rouge during high traffic times - made worse lately because of the construction on it.

In the mornings, when I come out of my quiet side street, I quickly get into the far left of the two lanes because the right lane is constantly stopping with people turning into their jobs; there are a lot of big office buildings down this road. So it was with much surprise this morning when I realized, at the second light, my lane, the far left one remember, was at a dead stop.

It took an entire light cycle (green-to-red-and back again) for me to get up to the problem, which being in my little car I still couldn't really see. Remember, now, please - already one light has made its cycle. There were two cars in front of me, though I couldn't see the first, and neither were moving even though the light was green and the path ahead completely clear. I saw the car in front of me put on his blinker to move into the right lane but neither of us could get around because of the traffice zooming by in the right lane. As the light turned red again, I groaned. Obviously the person in front of him was broken down.

Obviously, right?

The light turned green and none of us could get over because of the ever-flowing traffic in the right lane. The light turned red again and then...then...are you ready?

Supposedly stalled car holding up traffic in the right lane for at least three light cycles floors it, runs the light, and turns in front of us all. The bitch was sitting there, not moving, because she needed to TURN RIGHT and she was in the LEFT lane...and rather than go up the street and turn around, she decided to sit and wait (with her blinker on I noted as she made her turn) until the opportunity arose...holding up traffic for, did I mention this?, three whole light cycles.

There must be a god or an angel or something somewhere looking out for me, because had I been the one directly behind her and had I realized what was going on, I would've laid on the horn until she moved and had she not, I probably would not have been able to prevent myself from ramming her.

Sometimes there is a legitimate excuse for road rage.

And why is it you never see cops around when shit like that is going on?! Murphy's Law or something. It really makes you wonder if they shouldn't up the requirements for owning a driver's license.

- shanna bared her soul & griped a bit @ 11:04 AM

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