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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

This was my weekend:

5:00am Saturday morning woke up
7:00am Saturday morning left the house
4:00pm Saturday evening return home to a house full of people
1:00am Sunday morning the people leave
2:00am Sunday morning I get to sleep
4:30am Sunday morning my friend who passed out wakes up and wants a ride home
5:00am Sunday morning back to sleep
6:00am Sunday morning actually fell back asleep
7:00am Sunday morning woke up
7:30am Sunday morning left the house
9:00am Sunday morning arrived in New Roads
10:00am Sunday morning arrived in Innis for a baby shower
3:00pm Sunday evening returned home
4:30pm Sunday evening finished cleaning up the house from the party the night before
5:00pm Sunday evening took a bath
10:00pm Sunday evening went to bed

It was non-stop, but I really had a great time. The party was something else. Just a little word to the wise, if you're the kind of person who really doesn't like sharing their make-up and you plan to have a gaggle of drunk gay men at your house for a party, hide your make-up bag. I really didn't mind, and they looked so cute with their dark eyeliner and colorful eye shadow, how could I fuss?

Another note, if you're having a party and you are the only sober person there, do not let the drunk people do the cooking. My kitchen, after everyone left, looked worse than the streets of the French Quarter after Mardi Gras. I didn't mind - in fact I found the 2 1/2" high pile of chopped potatoes left rotting on the chopping block so funny (along with the rest of disaster), I took pictures. I didn't know stains came in so many colorful colors and patterns as they did on my stove and countertops.

There was a game of strip poker, and some resulting blackmail photos of breasts and butts. It's common when we all get together for there to be some pretty racy photos in the stack - let's put it this way, none of us could ever run for office. But a good time was had by all.

Though Sunday morning I was lamenting the horror of baby showers, and vowing to come back next lifetime with a penis so I'd only ever have to go to bachelor parties, I did have a very nice time at the shower.

When I got home at 3pm, Baret was still hung over and in bed. He had partied long time.

I spent the rest of the evening getting caught up on bills and important-stuff-like-that. I'm such an adult sometimes.

Last night I was so happy to find my Televisionary Oracle by Rob Brezsny. I'd started it and lost it and have been wanting to get back to it. Of course, I must always remember that generally when I "lose" things it's actually Baret "putting them away". It was in the bookshelf downstairs. I never would've thought to look there because I don't put up books that I'm reading. But Baret puts up anything that's lying around. As you can imagine, I "lose" things quite often.

In closing, I must report that all of the evil Ebay dolls that I blogged about sought their wicked, stuffed and porcelain revenge on me last night. I had a nightmare that terrified me so I was crying out and whimpering loud enough to wake Baret - who woke me (but not before my whimpers turned to all out screams). In the dream, I was lying in bed and just outside the door to the bedroom was a doll lying facedown on the floor. It appeared to be a Cabbage Patch doll. Slowly, the thing began coming towards me - it didn't get up and walk, rather just stayed facedown and slid slowly across the carpet. My cat, JoJo, who was on the end of the bed told me, "There's no one here but us - no one is making that thing move! It's coming! It's coming!" He then ran off - note that I never found it in the least peculiar that he was talking to me. I began crying out because I couldn't move and the doll was sliding up the backside of the bed. I was then aware of the noise I was making and Baret trying to shake me awake, but I was still in the damn dream! The thing was on the bed and sliding towards my leg and I felt pure terror - and started screaming. Then, just before it touched me, Baret got me to wake up the rest of the way. I was so scared I freakin' cried and I was shaking!

I guess this really puts on hold me re-reading two horror stories from my teen years that I was planning to start on this week that involved dolls-that-come-to-life-and-killing, eh?

- shanna bared her soul & griped a bit @ 8:12 AM

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