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Saturday, November 06, 2004

I've decided that every year on my birthday I will have this interview with myself, to see how I've changed & grown. Here's the first installment:

Nov. 6, 2004
Age: 27

Who are you?
I'm Shanna - no more and no less.

What religion do you practice?
I practice no religion - I don't believe in organized religion. The idea that one set of beliefs can "work" for a mass amount of people is silly to me. People are so diversified and unique - it's like "heaven" being the exact same place for every one person. Impossible! How can my heaven and your heaven be the same? My heaven might include sipping Chardonnay under an impossibly ancient oak and having conversations of centuries past with it while watching Def Leppard perform for me 24/7 a few feet away. Obviously that is not going to be everyone's idea of heaven. I think it's the same with religion. My "religion" changes every day - as do my ideas and opinions. I take from countless traditions and build my own. I think religion is a very personal thing. Your beliefs really should be reflected in the way you live your life - that's the true statement of your "religion".

Are you in love with yourself?

Do you trust yourself?
No. I trust no one and I trust myself even less than that. That may sound odd, but think about it - we lie to ourselves all the time. I, personally, have and do cause grievous bodily harm to myself in the form of blades, narcotics, alcohol, and fast food. I force myself to exist on a limited energy, unhealthy food, and no "relax" time for body, mind or spirit. The worst thing you can do is trust someone - that causes expectations and it's hard to just go-with-the-flow when you have those hanging on everyone and everything.

Name one thing you'd like to accomplish before your next birthday.
I'd like to learn to knit & crochet. I'm of the opinion that one can never have too many hats & scarves, and I would love to be able to make my own. I love sweaters, too, so it just makes sense. I'd also love to incorporate making afghans back into the family, as my grandmother and great-grandmother both did so.

Where do you hope you'll be a year from now?
Right where I am, though a bit wiser, with a raise, another cat joined to the household, and knitting my own scarves. I would also like to be walking without a cane by that time.

What was your biggest accomplishment since your last birthday?
Getting off the crutches!! I'm also so very proud of getting published, but that was kind of effortless on my part.

End with two quotes; one that sums up last year & one that reflects your wishes for the upcoming one:

"Not till we are lost, in other words, not till we have lost the world, do we begin to find ourselves."
- Henry David Thoreau

"A man can know nothing of mankind without knowing something of himself. Self-knowledge is the property of that man whose passions have their full-play, but who ponders over their results."
- Benjamin Disraeli

- shanna bared her soul & griped a bit @ 4:20 AM

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