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Thursday, November 11, 2004

Sony Has Always Sucked

Sony and I have never gotten along. When I was young, anything made by Sony that I purchased would inevitably break within a few days or not work at all. Small radios, headphones, and the like. I'm so very serious about this - I even once bought a package of Sony blank cassette tapes - AND NONE OF THEM WORKED! Couldn't record a thing on any of them.

So I've never liked Sony. Ever. So it should not surprise me when, at the launch of one of my favorite games, they'd bend all of us dedicated and supportive fans over the table and stick their greedy dicks in places they don't belong (and without proper lubrication, mind you).

Anyone who knows me, knows I love Everquest. I've got a a site dedicated to my characters and even an Everquest blog (and if you didn't know, now you do). I honestly don't play as much as I used to, and even then Baret and I's EQ marathons were confined to lazy Sundays with nothing better to do. We've had accounts since 2001, when it was only $9.95/mo to play - we've stuck it out with EQ through thick and thin all for the love of the game. The account price went to $11.95/mo and we were there. We bought every single expansion pack that Sony spewed out - even when towards the end we knew they were only being put out to line Sony's pockets, not for the fans. If an expansion pack came with a little something extra, we spent the extra money.

So it was with no qualms that we pre-ordered Everquest II back in early September so that we could get the "bonus stuff" and a collector's tin. I hate Sony - so why was I surprised when launch date, November 9, rolled around and the UPS man was not at our door with our new game.

We hadn't received an email telling us anything - in fact, last we'd heard everything was moving along smoothly and our order was going to be shipped on time. I got on the official site and after much searching, I found the answer in a forum member's post (a shame that's how I had to learn what was going on) - the "excuse" was that there was some "problem" with the collector's edition tins going through customs.


An hour later I'd called Best Buy down the road and asked if they had any copies of EQII still in the store. We planned to just buy the regular game, cancel our order and upgrade to the Collector's Edition at a later time (which you could do).

The girl answered in a monotone: "Best Buy, how can I help you?"

I asked if she had any copies left in the store.

She got very excited: Oh my GOD - we have, like, SO many of them. There's a CD version and a, um, DVD version and then there's a, uhhh, collector's-something with a tin."

Thirty minutes later we had our game. So how is it SONY had problems with customs and the tins, but none of the stores did? I wonder.

THEN I learn that Sony is only allowing you FOUR CHARACTERS. From the point of view of an alt-whore, this is unacceptable. Most MMPORG's let you have numerous characters on how-ever-many servers. The original EQ allowed you 8 characters per server. EQ II gives you four characters PERIOD - no matter which server they're on. Why would they do this? I read in the beta forums, the beta testers pleaded and begged with Sony to change this - that they explained how wrong this was to people who love playing lots of characters on online role-playing games. I read the post was 30+ pages long and contained over 900 individual posts. Sony never responded - and why? Because they plan to offer you the option to BUY more character slots with the first expansion pack. You have to BUY more character slots - something that is normally given to anyone paying a monthly fee to play on a certain game! Sony must've sat down and said, "What's something that EVERYONE - even the most casual player of our game - would buy if we added it?" Bam. Fuck you, Sony.

The game is AMAZING - and if the servers ever come back up, I'll get to playing it again. I really love it, but I'm very, very unhappy with the way Sony is handling things. There are people, like us, who have dropped literally hundreds of dollars over the years into this game. And what's the thank you? How do they show their appreciation for their loyal customers? They botch up the shipping on special edition pre-orders and then lie about their fuck-up and then they expect you to PAY to have more than four characters on a game people are used to having tons and tons of characters on various servers. It's the shitty topping on their conglomerate, greedy cake.

I love Everquest & Everquest II - I hate Sony. 'Nuff said.

- shanna bared her soul & griped a bit @ 6:27 AM

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