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Thursday, December 09, 2004

Holiday weekend schedule:

Friday nite - Xmas party
Sat nite - Xmas party in St. Martinville (1 hr 15 mins away)
Sun - Go visit a friend all day
Sun nite - Xmas party in Maringouin (1 hr away)

Shanna's holiday-frazzled state:
Harried but resigned to her fate.

Is there some social god/dess that I can look to for some inspiration here? Maybe Bacchus - he wouldn't have balked at going to party-after-party-after-party, and he is a favorite of mine.

Bacchus says, "To make it through the holiday social gatherings, my child, stay merry with copious amounts of good wine."

Thank you, Bacchus. Thou art wonderful.

Bacchus, patron saint of wine and bacchanal parties - patron saint of orgies; my kind of guy. Throw in a little Pan - the original Satyr himself - and it could be a damn good time.

I'm babbling, aren't I?

I leave you with the latest edition to The Halls of Stupid:

paolo_mash: hi

vamp_lynx : hi

paolo_mash: wer ar u from

vamp_lynx : Louisiana - it's in my profile

paolo_mash: i am from rome

paolo_mash: wat is u job

paolo_mash: valeria u r very nice

paolo_mash: have u other pic?

paolo_mash: if u want i like talk sex

vamp_lynx : I bet you do.

paolo_mash: yes o no

vamp_lynx : What does that mean?

paolo_mash: i like it

paolo_mash: i like sex

paolo_mash: i like talk it

paolo_mash: u r sexy

vamp_lynx : How do you know if I'm sexy? You've never seen me.

paolo_mash: i see u pic

paolo_mash: i like kiss every part

paolo_mash: do u like it

vamp_lynx : Do I like what?

paolo_mash: i like kiss every part of body,do u k

paolo_mash: do u like ,i kiss u body

vamp_lynx : How are you going to kiss my body from Rome?

paolo_mash: with my lips

paolo_mash: and if u want

paolo_mash: i like liuk vagin

paolo_mash: send me u sexy pic plz

paolo_mash: kissssss u vagin

paolo_mash: hi

vamp_lynx : Kiss my virgin?

paolo_mash: vagin

vamp_lynx : Vagisil?

paolo_mash: valeria send me u sexy pic plz

vamp_lynx : Vegetable oil?

vamp_lynx : Vagabond?

paolo_mash: vagin

vamp_lynx : Venetian blinds?

vamp_lynx : I don't understand

paolo_mash: u behaind

paolo_mash: i kiss u behaind

vamp_lynx : Be-wha?

paolo_mash: u sessual apparat ,i kiss it

paolo_mash: kissssssssssss

paolo_mash: kissssss u

vamp_lynx : My sandalwood armoire?

paolo_mash: wer do u like my lip

paolo_mash: kiss u lipssssssssss

paolo_mash: hi

paolo_mash: Come here you. Come on. Closer. Closer.

vamp_lynx : Are you high?

paolo_mash: why

paolo_mash: kiss u sexy lipssssssss

paolo_mash: kisssssssssssss

paolo_mash: kiss u leggggggggggggg

vamp_lynx : but I haven't shaved!

vamp_lynx : Hairy legs turn you off?

vamp_lynx : ??

vamp_lynx : Hello?

vamp_lynx : Are you there?

vamp_lynx : Don't want to talk anymore all of a sudden?

vamp_lynx : The English translation site go down?

- shanna bared her soul & griped a bit @ 4:57 AM

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