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Tuesday, December 21, 2004

I'm having a day - a motherfucking day I tell you!!! I'm amazed I don't have a fucking migraine now!

So there's this guy at the office that likes to be difficult - I don't know why, but he does. I won't go into detail about what he's doing, but suffice it to say that it got me upset enough that I had to walk away from my office for about 10 minutes to calm down; either that or go home and punch the wall until it or my hand broke. Yes, I was about 2 seconds from losing it. He's still trying, and I'm still fighting for my sanity - just know that however bad your day seems to be going, it can't be this bad.

I don't get paid enough to be this stressed out.

So let's talk about happier things. EQII - that's happy. The whiny morons on the EQII boards, though, that's not happy.

In short, what happened was that the EQII servers went down for almost two days (not quite two days). SOE employees worked 40+ hours straight to get them back up and the president of SOE himself sent out an apology - we were given 3 free days on our accounts and two days of accelerated experience gain to make up for the downtime.

Then you have these immature and childish people on the boards whining "I want my money back" (you got it), or "Let's all file a class action lawsuit" - you know, for missing a few hours of gameplay. I mean, come the fuck on. It's a fucking game (contrary to the asshats that claimed it's the same as the electricity & water that we pay for simply because it's a paid service). In the world of computers, I know from professional experience, anything that can go wrong, will. These guys clocked some serious overtime and even flew people in from out of state to get these losers back up as quickly as possible, and then they have to go to the forums and see nothing but bitching, whining, and griping for their good efforts. I've been there - spent copious amounts of overtime and sweat to get people back up and running, only to have them turn around and throw vitriol your way. It wasn't up fast enough, it shouldn't have broken at all. Really? Then you fucking maintain it and learn how to fix it. I'm sorry - it's a huge pet peeve.

Anything that is computer-based and run is going to run into problems; its going to break and go down and no amount of back-ups or back servers is going to fix this problem. People need to get a grip - I felt that SOE handled it the best they could (hourly updates on the forums even) and compensated everyone profusely. But then you had dumbasses saying "Well, the apology doesn't help me because I work on Monday and Tuesday - so they need to let us CHOOSE when we get our free time." I mean, come on. I know you can't please everyone all the time - and SOE did their best and fuck the haters - but people like this make me want spit nails. How can they expect this company to please every single one of their millions of customers all the time? Impossible.

Oh, and for my also-into-EQII readers, I play on the Guk server. Nysa/Half Elf Predator, Ghia/Gnome Sorcerer and Mielikki/Ratonga Summoner. And if any of the rest of you had any doubts as to my true geekiness - there it is.

- shanna bared her soul & griped a bit @ 9:34 AM

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